Easy As ABC's...Part 4

Today, we're wrapping up Back to School With SUAL. You can use all the phrases and information to kick start your Storage Unit Auction Resale Business today!

Knit-U rban: As a rule of thumb, auctions in urban areas are usually more profitable than auctions in rural areas. Urban areas tend to have more wealth, and more people who own the wealth. Don’t count out rural auctions completely, however! There could be treasure hiding behind every door…part of your success comes from research, but part of it just comes from luck.
Knit-Verify: We will tell you this until we’re blue in the face—but only because it’s so incredibly important! Always make sure you call the storage facility before you leave for the auction to verify that it has not been cancelled. The delinquent unit renter has up until the moment of the actual auction to pay their dues, meaning the auction could be canceled at any time. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so take 30 seconds to make the call.
Knit-Whale: The whale, in the storage auction world, is a seasoned buyer who attends the same auctions very frequently. You'll probably pin point the whale very quickly, and many people may be talking about him/her. They are usually tough to outbid if they have their sights set on a unit, and most likely have a lot of cash to burn!
Knit-XBOX Cutter: Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know it doesn’t begin with X—but you trying finding a relevant world that starts with X! Not too easy. But a box cutter will at least make your job easy at the storage auction! There’s nothing worse trying to rip open boxes that are practically wrapped in packing tape. Save yourself the frustration and bring a box cutter! Also remember to bring flashlights, sorting boxes, cash and gloves to help the process!
Knit-Yard Sale: Yard sales are another viable source for the storage hunter’s income. Though state laws limit the amount of tag sales you can hold per year, they can be very successful during the summer months if you advertise properly. Yard Sales can be great places to find new inventory as well!
Knit-Zero: the number of storage auctions you will miss if you sign up for  StorageUnitAuctionList.com. We list thousands of storage auctions a month nationwide at over 50,000 different facilities, so you'll never miss a beat!
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