Find Out Who Won The SUAL Testimonial Contest Now!

Testimonial Contest Winners

We had an overwhelming response to our latest contest! Thanks to everybody who took time to participate and to send us feedback! Continue to keep a lookout on the site for new features based on all the information we were able to gather, and for future contests!

But now what you're all excited to find out? Who won the competition and who will receive a free Storage Unit Auction List t-shirt that they can sport at their next auction adventure and an additional state, free, for three months?

Congratulations to the following five submissions!

contest winners

Robert Wallace: With Storage Unit Auction List I have a large lists of auctions to start with and then can narrow my list down to which facilities and auctions that I want to attend.

Stan Hope: I love being able to search for auctions by zip code, I live in Naples and travel through the state of Florida for auctions. Sometimes I even take my family with me and we make it into a mini vacation. Thanks for being so accurate Storage Unit Auction List!

Cameron Cook: has the most in-depth, updated comprehensive storage unit list out there. It has saved me money and time. I couldn't do this as well without Thank you for this awesome service!

Boyce Grooms Jr:  StorageUnitAuctionList is credible and provides the edge needed to find the "other" storage units that are missed by the competition.

Jeff Morrow: Storage Unit Auction List helps to keep me up to date on many auctions in my area, that I wouldn't be able to find without the website.

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