Funkin' Up the Furniture

Finding furniture at ridiculously low prices at garage sales and auctions is like finding the surprises at an Easter Egg Hunt!!!! They inspire such a creative Burst!!! I have never been one of those “All Furniture must Match” kind of people, so when I find a chair or a couch or an old table, well, I MUST make it my own!!!

No Fear I say!!!

And the words No Fear have become very big in the world of decorating! Art has come off the walls and onto the furniture. And I DO NOT mean that these colorful elements end up just in the Kids Room. Every room in the house can handle a One of a Kind piece of Fancy Furniture!!!!

Once, at a garage sale, I found two ladder back chairs huddled together at the back of the garage. They were unfinished and dirty and slowly warping. I gave the Garage Sale owner $10 and stashed the chairs in the back seat of my car.

After a few days of staring at these chairs sitting in the middle of my living room, it hit me that these two darlings needed to be totally “Dressed Up”! So, I washed them thoroughly, let them dry out for a couple of days and then sanded then lightly. Next, I covered them with an acrylic white base paint. These chairs were starting to really cause Design Decadence! I painted each surface a different color. And I needed ALL colors to be used!!!! I took my 3D paints and created Dots, Swirls, Swiggles and Curves on top of the colors. Then, I gave the chairs a rest for a couple of days to let the paints dry and cure completely. Finally, I brushed them with a clear Polycrylic Gloss protective finish. Not only did they Shine, but they also Sparkled with Glamour!!!!

Another time, I found a chair in a thrift store while I was looking for costumes for the play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The owner of the store charged me $1 just to get the chair out of his way!!! Again, I threw it into the back seat of my car, stood it in the middle of my living room to ponder artistic direction and then, VaVoom!!!! The chair was used as “The Queen’s Chair” in the play!!!!

At an auction, a chair and a table came together as a “set”. I didn’t believe that story, but I DID buy the chair and table and MADE them into a set!!! “The Fish and the Lobster went down to the Sea” I like to call the pair!!

After these artistic adventures, I was on a roll.  I painted two stools I found on the curb.  I painted a table for use on the back porch of the house. A friend donated a chair to use for a dinner party and then exclaimed, “Just keep it! And paint it!! Hahaha!!!” So I did!!

And then I got an Order (an actual Order!!!!) for Cat Cradles!!!! Someone wanted me to paint doll cradles for their kitties!!!! I ordered these cradles through Millstores Furniture Outlet The cradles were delivered unfinished but already put together. My process was simple: lightly sand; paint with acrylic white base paint; paint each surface its own color; embellish with sun and moon and puffy paint; and finally cover with a clear Polycrylic Gloss protective finish.

Finally, I had my old plastic outdoor furniture and some really old rusty metal furniture that needed to be “Colorized in “Amy Style”. So armed with a few cans of Outdoor Spray Paint, I made my patio a Skittles Adventure!!!

And watching over the events of the outdoor space, I painted “The Picket Family”!!

Although my house is currently filled to the brim with all this painted furniture, I still have waiting in the wings, two rocking chairs, two ladder back bar stools, a wooden rocking horse, four dining room chairs, two end tables and a really beat up hutch!!! I wonder if the paint stores have any more bright colors on sale!!!!!

Until next time…

Keep on Junkin’!

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