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This past weekend, I was doing my traditional Saturday schedule of Garage Saling! Unfortunately, there were only a few. So I decided to take my time and really look for cool finds at each of the few that were open. I had been redoing the rooms of my home into new types of uses and in the rearranging found that I was missing certain items that I suddenly had to have. Things for the office or odd kitchen utensils and cute additions to the bathroom. I made a list and decided that I would save myself some money by looking for these items at garage sales and not at the big box stores.

My plan was obviously in the stars because the very first sale I went to, I literally fell over a table full of every possible thing that I was missing in my home office: paper, glue, staples, scissors, art papers, stencils, paints and brushes. “$5 takes everything!” The owner blurted. “Sold!” I exclaimed.  I headed to my car loaded down with 2 huge boxes full of  office/art/decorating/organizing stuff!  What a Coup!

As an artist, I use all sorts of things in my work. When I do mixed media pieces, I use everything from the “guts” inside a watch to jewelry and children’s toys. I keep my eyes open for fabric, lace, yarns, silverware, cracked dishes for mosaics and old frames to paint and put my work inside. It is these treasures that I have in boxes and bags and baskets in my garage awaiting use in an Amy Original!!!

The last sale of the day, the owner was packing up.  She looked exhausted.  She looked disappointed that there were still things left from the sale! Without hesitation and a quiet sigh, she said.  “You can have everything that is left for 10 bucks.” I looked it over quickly and knew at least half of it was vintage!  I handed over the $10 and put everything in boxes and plastic bags.  We made three trips to the trunk of my car and both of us felt a keen sense of accomplishment.

When I got back home, and looked at everything, I realized that not only had I replenished my office and art studio, but I had also added some amazing vintage lace and jewelry and silverware. The best part?  I got it all for $15!!! I would have easily spent $50 at the Big Craft Store for these same items! And the vintage things would have cost three times that at an antique store. It made me wonder what else you should ALWAYS buy at garage sales as opposed to the chain stores .

So, I came up with a list of 20 things you should GRAB at a Garage Sale!

Electronics * Calculators * Cameras * Vintage * Radios

Tools * Odd * Vintage * Cords * Drills * Saws * Compressors

Automotive Equipment

Household Items

Baby Stuff and Equipment * Bouncy Seats * High Chairs * Strollers *Clothes

Toys * Plastic and Wooden * Action Figures * Vintage *Board Games

Bikes and Accessories * Scooters * Exercise Equipment * Winter Sports Equipment

DVDs and CDs

Musical Instruments * Violins * Flutes

Lawn Equipment

Antiques and Collectibles

Sports Equipment * Fishing Rods

Furniture * Bureaus * Tables * Shelving Units

Gold and Jewelry * Brooches * Necklaces * Costume * Charm Bracelets *Pendants

Books * Paperbacks * Older Children’s Books * Vintage Cookbooks

Dishware * Vintage *Glassware * Cookware * Silverware * Barware * Shot Glasses

Tablecloths * Aprons * Handkerchiefs * Vintage

Home Office and Art Supplies * bags of papers, pens, tacks

Art and Frames * Sculptures * Paintings

Seasonal Kitchen Appliances * Ice Cream Makers * Cappuccino Machines * Blenders

Keeping your eyes open for these items will not only save you money, but it will create character in your decorating style and home design! And….You can always sign up for and receive notifications for the best in storage auctions in your area!

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