Ghosts at the Storage Auction: How to Tell if Your Stuff is Haunted

haunted dollDo you believe in ghosts?

Maybe there’s a reason behind why that old doll was left behind in the storage unit you just bought. When you look at it, it gives you an eerie feeling, like its little glass eyes are glaring back at you. But that’s silly—it’s just a creepy old doll, right? So you shake off the feeling that someone’s watching you, pack her up with the rest of your storage auction scores, and head home to sort everything out.

But things start getting weird as soon as you leave the storage facility. Your car stalls out three times on the highway, even though you just took it for a tune up last week. When you finally make it home and unpack your finds, your dog, who usually greets you with a warm slobbery kiss, is cowering in the corner of the garage.  That night, you wake up several times to the inexplicable sound of a little girl softly weeping in your garage…


…Is it possible that your doll is haunted or possessed?


How an Object Becomes Possessed

Paranormal experts have different opinions on possessed objects. Some believe that only non-human, demonic spirits can possess an object, and will do so in order to gain close access tochucky a family member and eventually possess them. Others believe that hauntings like these come from residual spiritual energy left behind from the person who once owned the object. The stronger the emotional attachment to that object, the stronger the haunting will be.

Most believe that spirits who are not satisfied with passing on to the afterlife are the ones who stick around—spirits of those who died suddenly and unexpectedly, those who were murdered, or those who have unfinished business with someone—or something. Some spirits will simply hang around if they feel a strong attachment to their home, their prized possession, or even someone who lives in the house.


How to Tell if an Object is Possessed

Hauntings can be simple and harmless like the sound of footsteps, disembodied voices talking, or objects being moved. However, if the spirit you’re dealing with is particularly angry—or evil—things can get a little creepier.

Ed and Lorraine Warren with Annabelle safely behind glass.Take for instance, the story of Annabelle the doll.

Annabelle was bought by a mother as a gift to her daughter, but immediately the family saw something strange about the doll. She would move to different rooms, change poses, and seemingly follow the family through the house. Things got progressively worse as the doll became violent, throwing objects and allegedly even scratching one of the family members.

Annabelle now safely resides in the paranormal museum of The Warrens, the world famous ghost hunting couple. It’s believed that the doll was haunted by a demon who wished to possess one of the family members. Besides terrorizing the family, it’s rumored that Annabelle was responsible for a death and a near fatal car accident.


How to Deal With a Possessed Object

Whatever you do—do not destroy the object! This could only prove to anger or upset the spirit possessing it, and if it’s strong enough, it will stick around your house or even follow you. Some experts believe that burying an object off of your property will work, others believe that dowsing it in holy water will do the trick, and if all else fails, you can always have a good old fashioned exorcist. Just make sure whoever you hire is the real deal—those who do not know how to deal with the occult might end up making your haunting even worse.

With Halloween just around the corner, who knows what kind of ghouls are hiding behind those storage doors? But…at the end of the day, you’re still a storage hunter, not a ghost hunter. You can still try to make a quick buck and sell your haunted goods on eBay.

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