Great DIYs with Plastic Spoons

I have a drawer filled with plastic spoons and other plastic Utensils!

If you eat any Takout or Pick up food at all, then you have Plastic Utensils too! They come inside the Big plastic bag, wrapped in a Small plastic bag.  They are Knives, Forks, Spoons, Sporks, Spikes and Fikes! And you probably have a drawer full of them “to be used later”!! But I have never really thought of a way to use these spoons and such later.

shutterstock_8416255 J.Y. Loke

 Since I have been concentrating on Recycling – Upcycling and Repurposing, I thought I would look out there in Internet Land and see exactly what “To Be Used Later” actually meant!!


What I found is a Whole Universe of Artistic Ideas, Amazing Uses of a basic tool, Creative application of a simple design and Totally Awesome Junk!!!!

 plastic spoon wall art



When I find things like this,


I just can’t stay quiet…

So, I’m Sharing!!!

I found many interesting ideas on plastic spoons, and will be including mostly DIYs that use plastic spoons. But there are a couple that use a broad spectrum of plastic utensils!!

Each idea comes with a corresponding website!! So you can check it out and maybe try it out and show us what you create!!

Plastic Spoon Flowers DIY Plastic Spoon Flower

Plastic Spoon Wreath sponn art wreath


 Plastic Spoon Clock

Spoon Clock


Plastic Spoon Mirror

 spoon mirror


Plastic Spoon Rose

 spoon flower

Plastic Fork Lamp Shade

 Plastic fork lamp shade

Plastic Utensil Ball of light

plastic utencil ball




Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

 plastic spoon tree


Plastic Spoon Lampshade

 plastic spoon light


Plastic Utensil Clock

 utencil clock


Gold Painted Plastic Spoon Chandelier

 gold plastic utencils





There Ya Have It!!!

That should keep you busy until the next Blog!!!  And it is a Goodie!!! Please share your pictures of ALL of your Art projects!!! We would Love to See them!! We would Love to Share Them!!


Until next time!!!

Keep On Junkin’



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