I Wanna Be Rich!

In the beginning, you have great vision of finding the lost treasure map of a famous pirate whose loot has been valued in the zillions! Well...the first thing that you must keep in mind is that you are dealing in junk. And that junk is just that...not worth much at all. But, if you have your mind working correctly, you are thinking like a business person and know and understand that storage auction success is a long-term process. It’s not an overnight success story. If you’re willing to think long-term, work hard and stay organized, it can become a full-time and profitable business for you. The longer you stick with it and work hard, the more experience you’ll gain and the more experience means more profit.

Being a Jack of All Trades is a very valuable asset to have in the auction business. Besides experience and hard work, to be willing to become a jack-of-all-trades helps in the arena of profitability. Since you will be a book dealer, a furniture restorer, a tool sharpener and an accountant, it helps to have a bit of knowledge with each in order to save money with outside services. Also, being able to research children’s toys or restaurant equipment stretches your ability to sell more items with ease.  It’s important to stay open to all opportunities. You never know what niche will pay off and you learn more with every sale.

The second thing that helps your profits is if you repair and clean any items before trying to sell them. A little wood glue and stain goes a long way. It pays to invest in some cleaning products. and jewelry cleaner and silver polish as it can make a huge difference on metal items. It all adds up to a for a higher sale price for you.

When you have gotten your winning items back to the “home” location, be sure to look through every drawer, every box and every pocket or cubby. I remember a friend finding gold pieces in the back panel of an old roll top desk they won at an auction. $18,000 was quite the discovery!

Keeping in mind that it takes tons of garbage to get through to the treasure will help you through the days where you wonder why you started to do this in the first place!  Just like in the automobile sales game, it’s a numbers game. It may take many auctions of pure awful stuff to get to the one that pays for the year!

All jobs have their downside. There are good things and bad things with the storage unit auction business. It’s hard, dirty work going through other people’s junk. But, it can be really fun. Think of it as a kind of treasure hunt. To get that hunt started, you need to find the auctions.The auction companies want you to know about their auctions because the more people they have at an auction, the higher it will drive bids.

Storageunitauctionlist is an excellent place to start when looking for auctions.. StorageUnitAuctionList.com offers subscribers the largest database of storage auctions across the country, providing information on auctions in all fifty states and over 51,000 facilities.

Established as the leading provider of storage auctions online, with over 10,000 each month and information on over 250,000 auctions, StorageUnitAuctionList.com is on the way to providing the same results and information for you on all auctions across the country.

They are a reliable industry standard for seasoned auction hunters and newcomers alike. They have a trusted reputation which has allowed them to partner with related businesses in the industry to provide their subscribers with further industry training and additional auctions.

StorageUnitAuctionList.com also brings you the most up to date industry information and helpful how-to tips, along with constantly updating our site, holding contests, and providing new, useful tools to ease your business needs. Check out their detailed auction handbooks on the industries involved, bidding strategies, where and how to resell, and a Blue Book valuation of the items most often found at auctions.

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