I'd Like to Introduce Myself

A few years ago, I was a regular contributor to the Storage Unit Auction List Blog!

But, things happened and I couldn’t keep up! I started selling some of my items that I created for the Blog and the next thing I knew, I was teaching classes and workshops on how to make my creations and then that led to teaching kid’s classes in Art and then...I got Sick! Yup a real doozy kind of sick. And I had to stop everything! It has been an incredible journey and I can now say that I am on the good side of things. I am amazingly healthy and surprisingly excited to get back to the way things were!!!

The Big Wigs at Storage Unit Auction List have happily welcomed me back and I have my fingers fluttering across the keyboard. My classes are being considered again in a new location and with a very different angle. So all is well in the World of Junquin’ Amy!!!

Let me re-introduce myself to you and Let’s get Started in the World of Storage and Junk and Re-sale and Recycle!!


My name is Amy Lake and I am Storage Unit Auction List newest Blogger!!!!

But…I am also a Junker, a Collector, an antique Hunter, and an Auction Seeker, Craft maker, Artist, Decorator and an all around Humorous Person!!!

I started “Collecting” “Junk” when I was 13. As a Birthday gift, my best friend gave me a pair of WWII Hand Painted Wooden Filipino Shoes. I fell in Love with those shoes!!!! From that moment forward, I was on the “Hunt” for the Unique, the Unusual and the Very Colorful!!

My first apartment consisted of a small bed from home, a 23-year-old couch and an old wooden crate for a coffee table! Not to be thrown into despair with my meager independent beginnings, I headed off to the Salvation Army store and loaded up with colorful pitchers and dishes and scarves and lamps all for the terribly low 1971 price of $7! I had a unique eye for the eccentric and I rearranged my finds into a delightful combination for my First Home!!

Over the years, two marriages, two kids, countless cats, four dogs and nearly 3 dozen apartments and houses in a half dozen states, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of oddities! I still have those Wooden Filipino Shoes proudly displayed as bookends, but they have joined an enormous collection of Fiesta ware and Roseville along with Antique Books, quilts and rocking chairs.

My husband, D.T. LaVercombe was an international Artist and after his untimely death at 57, I kept his works proudly displayed from floor to ceiling in my home in cohabitation with all the other collections.

DT and I owned a 1927 opera house, which had a huge vaudeville stage. We produced Children’s Theatre Productions, showed movies, presented local garage bands, comedians and a couple of Halloween Shows. I was the official “Set Dresser” and had to keep my eyes open all year round for the unique items that could be observed from the back of the theatre house. This job took me through the dark caverns of Antique shops and Antique malls. Our goal was always to spend very little money and finding the perfect item at the perfect price was like winning a Gold Medal!!!!

We also owned several restaurants. They ranged from a Cinema Grille to a 35 seat intimate fine dining experience. Again I decorated these eateries as though the customers were in my home with all the personal touches. One of these restaurants was located in an old school house in the TVA lake region of North Carolina. It was called The Elf School Inn in the community of Elf. We had 8 classrooms that were bed and breakfast rooms and two other classrooms were the restaurant. The old gym was used for wedding receptions, parties and group meetings. I had so much fun decorating using the themes of “Elf”, “School”, “Teacher”, “Classroom”, and other educational and foodie décor!

In time, I have added to these collections with my own eclectic paintings and pillows and various art, and continue to add to the pottery and books. My favorite evening out is an auction and a “must do” Saturday is scouring  garage sales. The “hunt” is the biggest thrill, as I never attend any of these events with a particular item in mind, I just go to be surprised by the Treasures.

As a Blogger, I am going to take you on a Junker’s Journey! We will attend auctions of all kinds and Antique Malls and Garage Sales and Junk Stores. I will introduce you, the reader, to ideas for crafts both for the home, a shop, the garden and the garage! We will explore resale ideas and marketing. And, we will get to know each other!!!! I like to think of myself as a Earth Person who Recycles, Reuses and Repurposes, But…the truth be told….I love love love the hunt for the treasure!!!

I hope you join me and please….let me know what YOU think, find, create, invent and explore!!!!

Until Next Time

Happy Hunting!!!


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