Interesting Ways to Use A Storage Unit

Often times, businesses get started at the kitchen table and then they go to the kitchen counter the living room coffee table and eventually they take over the house. That is when the reality sets in that you need a bigger space and one that is outside of the house. Renting an office with a lease and all of the utilities can be out of financial reach. But, there are alternatives!

Storage unit space...10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’...are great spaces for storage! Most of the time! Many people rent a unit for their business. They store products and inventory and holiday items. Builders, plumbers and auto mechanics will store tools and piping and various hardware and equipment in a storage unit. Decorators store on order furniture, flooring and lighting pieces. Appliance shops store refrigerators and stoves and washers. Businesses use storage units for a variety of reasons.  But, there are those who use this storage space as Home Base for their business. Although many facilities do not allow business to be run out of a unit, there are some who will allow them as long as they meet certain criteria. Here are a few businesses and some alternative uses that we have found that utilize a storage unit for something slightly different.

Office Space - A storage unit can be a fine place to create a base location for your business. Many storage units have a basic power supply so you can hook up electronics and other equipment. Depending on what size unit you rent, there is room for a desk and shelves and perhaps a couch or large table for a conference area.Some types of businesses may not be suitable for this type of space but others could work extremely well.

eBay Business - A storage unit is a perfect place to start an Ebay, Etsy or Amazon business. With a small desk and long large tables and shelves along one of the walls, you can create a order fulfillment center. Set up a corner to take pictures of your items and at the desk, you can have your laptop to do your postings or listings. Check to see if Wifi is available and electric.The entire business can be self contained and easily shut down for the night.

Writer A writer needs privacy and silence and enough stimulation for the words to flow. A self storage unit offers all of these. Arrange a desk, a shelf full of books, a couple of paintings and a rug and you have a private office. Check to see that there is power and Wifi for your computer and a couple of lamps.

Art Galleries - Artists can be messy and they like their studios to be able to get messy too. Studios in a home can cause issues with the smells of oil paints and the sounds of a saw or drill. A storage unit can solve the problem with their concrete washable floors, open air feel and a sense of privacy. Some storage unit facilities have allowed artists to create studios in their rented unit and then turn them into open galleries at certain times of month. While each unit has a basic storage unit look with a base of corrugated steel, artists have built removable walls to hang their work and sound insulate from the unit next door. In some facilities the art studio is equipped with electricity and even sinks in the plumbing-equipped buildings. Musicians have specially insulated units for sound. In certain cities, an Art Space storage unit has become an integral part of the community offering open houses, gallery walks, classes and a revitalization of a neighborhood

Music Rehearsal Studio Moving your weekly band rehearsals to a local storage unit facility can save your relationship with the neighbors. If you are in a band or are just practicing an instrument, finding the right space to practice is important. You need a place that is soundproof or at least that you can soundproof and you want the place to be private so you can rehearse uninterrupted. You will have to inform the facility of your intentions as they may have rules in place for such a use of a storage unit.

Thrift Store or “Dollar Store If you are lucky enough to find a storage facility that allows open traffic among the units, you may have found the ideal location for you thrift or dollar store. Of course this will have to be approved for parking and open hours. But a completely open space allows a lot of variety for display of items and the type of merchandise you would like to sell.Set up shelving inside the unit, fill those with products and set up a register at the entrance and you are in business!.

Vintage Furniture Sales On the same line as the thrift store, a storage unit gives lots of room for large pieces of furniture to sell. It can even allow enough room to be a space for a furniture refinisher. Having this type of business in your home can cause problems with noise, smell and a mess. A storage unit keeps everything contained and the ability to set things outside on nice sunny days. Plus, a storage facility could be easier for a buyer to find than your home.

Photo Studio or Video Producer  A storage unit space is ideal for a photo studio or a video workroom and edit bay.  Backdrops, lighting equipment and stage setting can all be easily set up in a larger unit. And you can still have enough space for editing equipment and even a photo lab. Again, you will have to check with the facility to see if there is plumbing availability and electric. Because these facilities are located in high traffic areas, your studio will be easily found by your clients.

Second Garage Sometimes, just leaving the house can change how you feel and what you can accomplish for someone who likes to “putter”. Turn a storage space into a workshop for refinishing furniture, setting up a hobby train set, make kids wooden toys or just fixing anything that is broken. Having a separate space disconnected from the home can give you more space and keep all those tiny parts in one location. Plus, the biggest advantage is that you can work uninterrupted from family activities!.

Workout room Not everyone is thrilled to go to a public gym. And, for many people, their homes are too overcrowded to fit in the equipment andstill  have room for moving around. A great solution is to move all of your weights, benches and mats to a storage unit. More than likely, having a storage unit workout room will be cheaper than the fees to go to a gym. You can set up your equipment in any way that works for you and it is entirely private

And finally, sometimes you just need to get away. If there is no place in your home that is just yours, perhaps a storage unit is the perfect solution. If the unit has power and Wifi, you are in business. A TV, stereo, mini fridge and a comfy couch can create a space that is yours to run to when you want to be alone. You can watch TV, do hobbies, read, hang out with friends or just turn it into personal space that is all yours. A storage unit is simply an empty space with a garage door. But...You will want to find a unit that is the right size for what you want to use it for. You also need to consider how much rent you want to spend. Different size units are different prices. Just consider your budget before leasing. And don’t settle for the closest facility to your home. Consider a bit larger range and this will give you more choices in prices.  The, of course, you will need to know the rules of the facility; whether there is electricity to the unit and depending on what you are going to use it for, whether there is WiFi. The possibilities of using a storage unit for things beyond stashing stuff, is endless. They are excellent launchpads for entrepreneurial adventures.

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