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This past Friday, there was a heart-warming story out of Newtown, CT about an 83-year-old Korean War veteran. More than 60 years after serving his country, Stanley Polcyn, was awarded four medals for his bravery and duty during his stint with the Naval Reserve (for more, check out the Newton, CT Patch) .  While this tale of recognition was uplifting to say the least, it reminded some of us here at of a story with some similar cast of characters, though quite a different spin.

A few months back, as storage unit auction season was heating up in the summer months, a story out of Kansas City, MO served as a bitter reminder of how important your storage unit security can be. Two hooded males gained access to a storage unit facility by entering random number sequences into the gated security code box. They found a less-than-unbreakable pad lock on a locker belonging to a war veteran of both Panama and Desert Storm. While the leather couch they strapped to the roof of their minivan was a great find; it is, ultimately, replaceable. The Bronze Star and three Purple Heart medals which were swiped are beyond valuation.

 Broken Padlock

As reported, in early May, on KMBC Channel 9, once the thieves were inside the security gates, they simply drove around until coming across a standard pad-lock that was no match for a simple set of bolt cutters. For the safety of your investment, be sure to get the right gear to protect it. Standard pad locks that you may have lying around in the bottom of a gym bag might provide some peace of mind, but all it takes is a little elbow grease to break through most of them. I always have an image in my mind of a Master Lock getting shot with a bullet and still holding strong from those commercials years back. But put in some time and effort and see what's out there.

The latches on your unit might require a specific brand, but check out some titanium- or iron-shrouded padlocks. See what's available. There's Kwikset, Master, Schlage, Brinks, Yale, and countless others that have developed new materials and shape designs to help prevent someone from having easy access to the items that you feverishly outbid everyone else at the auction to acquire for your business. Above are just a few quick links to help get you thinking about the big picture when it comes to protecting your investment.

Those of you out there who consider yourselves veterans of the storage unit auction game know full well that its not as quick and easy as it seems to be on television. There is a lot of hard work and valuation involved. It would be a shame to put so much effort into the acquisition of a new-to-you locker only to put so little into making sure that it's contents will still be there when you get back with your truck to empty it out.

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