JunQue from Junk

Every week I leave my home and venture out into the world of collecting Junk.  I attend Garage Sales, hunt treasure at Flea Markets, become a bidding warrior at auctions and scour thrift stores and antique shops.  I simply like acquiring the unique and interesting products that have been used and loved by previous owners.  They have Wear.  They have History.  They have Heart!!!

junk Shutterstock/trekandshoot




There is a Reality to this acquiring of things.  There have been shows developed about the acquiring of things.


hoarding3 Original image from Shutterstock/MCarper


And there are a million magazines and books and articles about the acquiring of things!



There are Doctors who deal with the subject of the acquiring of things!!


doctor Shutterstock/Dooder


So, I looked over my piles of worn, historical and heart felt things and decided I needed to Re-purpose them!!!!


lots of dishes for towers

piles of dishes

plastic dishes for towers

pile of plates


I am an artist and I could most certainly use my imagination to create something New, Beautiful and Useful!!!!


Amy the artist

First, I looked over my pile of “stuff”


pile of tower 2

And I started to “Build”


crystal for towers

And kept Building


building tower 1

And then Gluing


gluing tower 2

And the next thing you know…..I’m addicted!!!!!!!


plastic tower 1

circle plate design tower

chinese pagoda tower



fish bowl tower


I have glued together everything I could find to make China Towers!!!

And they aren’t all China!!!! Many are plastic!!!

They can be used for cupcake plates, jewelry displays, cheese and cracker trays.  Just let your imagination go WILD!!!!

cupcake tower 3

While I let these newest Towers dry and cure, I think I will list the others on Storage Unit Auction List's newest feature…Classifieds!!!!


I’m so excited!!!! Now I can get my JunQue (not junk) SOLD and make some money for more Junk!!!!!!

Amy's Heart


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