Keeping Your Competitive Cool

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This time of year, it is especially easy to let the heat and humidity get you hot and bothered when it comes to the competition. You're hot and you just want to get the job done and win your desired storage unit. However, so does the guy beside you. As the temperatures soar, so do your bids and your temper! What is that guy's problem?!? This is YOUR unit! Before you know it, you've put a proverbial target on the back of your competition and this won't end well.

But it's understandable. The competitive spirit is alive and well in almost all of us, whether or not we like to admit it. We compete at storage auctions, at the gym, with our siblings, at our jobs aside from auction hunting, and basically in any other endeavor we partake in. We humans can be cutthroat. Why are we so aggressive? Who knows, but that instinct to compete seems to be hard coded into our DNA.

In the world of storage unit auction hunters, having the right contacts and friends can make or break your business, especially if you're just getting started. This is why, while there may be temptation to treat your competition like the enemy at storage auctions, it may not make much fiscal sense to do so. Instead, embrace your fellow auction hunter and build out network relationships that will allow you to be successful, not just in winning the unit, but in recouping and making more money after the fact. Almost anybody can win a storage unit, but long term success in this business comes from selling the inventory you win and making more money than you paid for the unit. This task can be harder than it sounds when you factor in all the logistics involved in the sales process.

So, this begs the do you keep the competitive edge on the competition and still make friends? We'll cover this topic in depth this week on the blog and in this week's webinar.

For 15 Networking Tips To Build Your Business, attend this week's webinar on the topic on August 7th at 2:00 PM EST.

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