Let's Get Organized! More Organizational / Upcycle Ideas for the Overcrowded Home


Recap: I am having new floors put in and while it has left my home in a total state of disaster, it has also given me the perfect opportunity to organize, upcycle, and get rid of things I haven't seen in 7 years!!!

Organization is Hard Work!!!

I have always considered myself a very organized person!

I remember my mother in law coming over one day and peering into my kitchen rag drawer.  She burst out laughing!! When I asked what was so funny, she said, “You are SO organized, even your rags are neatly folded and in rows!!” Yeah, so?

I didn’t think it was too weird.  I mean I am the eldest of 4 kids with 2 working parents.  When we got up in the morning, we each had chores and jobs to do so that the house would be neat and organized when we all came home that evening.  Walking across a room and straightening as you go, just made sense to me.  Cooking and cleaning as you work whetted my same organizational appetite!

So, I now have been trying to put the house back together after having these new floors put down, and I must admit, IT IS HARD WORK!!!

Instead of putting EVERYTHING away in a new location, I have been trying to go through items and either eliminate them from my life altogether or upcycle them!!! I want the recycling bin LOADED for next weeks pick up!!! I also want my car trunk FULL to drop off at the Thrift Store!!!

But, the process is slow…and I keep getting sidetracked! Facebook doesn't help (I must find out about the latest happenings) and walking out to the garage is the danger zone as I start going through things out there while I am carrying things to the recycling bin! Going through the books is really hard as they are a mixture of mine, my husbands, the kids and lots and lots of memories.  But will I read them again?  Probably not!  I MUST force myself to put them in bags and take them to the trunk!

Finally in exasperation, I came across a couple of ideas to make the process easier, less painful and more exciting with the promise of more space.

  1. Attack One Room at a Time – Do not try to organize all rooms at the same time!!! It is much too overwhelming and that feeling just makes you stop in your tracks, hit the couch with a bowl of popcorn and Netflix and a vow to start again tomorrow!

  2. Play Funky Music - Look up Disco on Pandora; Turn the Volume to 9 and Bee Bop your way to a nice and neat living space!  Not only is Bopping good exercise, but, it makes everything feel very positive and bright!

  3. If something is in the room that is not going to be in the room in the end, then, GET IT OUT OF THERE!! It’s very hard to work around things that are not supposed to be in that room!! A kitchen sink in the middle of the Living Room is not going to help the room come together!

  4. Once everything is in the room, move around the furniture first and get it into place. Then arrange the pictures on the walls. Next, place the books and trinkets.  And finally, put the plants in place.

  5. If there are just too many things left over for this room, then start putting things in plastic storage bins.  Put “like” items together in the bins and label them.  If you have several throw blankets for the couch and it is the middle of the summer, label the bin “throws” and store it in the garage or on a high shelf in a closet.  Don’t put them in the attic for you will surely forget about them when winter returns and you’re looking for a snuggly warm cover to watch those scary movies!!

  6. Use a Timer!!! I really liked this idea!! Set the timer for an allotted amount of minutes and when it “dings’, set it again to go do something else…like Facebook!!! So I tried it!!! 30 minutes of working on the room and then 15 minutes of something else!!! I actually found myself staying focused and achieving the goal!!!

  7. Clean as you go!  If you are emptying boxes of books, bags of trinkets and crates of dishes, remove the boxes, bags and crates from the room the minute they are empty.  This gives you more space and a mind set that you’re “Gettin’ There!!”

  8. Wires!!! Those pesky snakes are just a fact of Décor.  But there are some practical solutions. The Velcro ties are my favorite fixes to the uncontrollable mess wandering behind furniture and under couches.  These ties usually come in a variety of colors so that you can tether your computer wires together with one color, the TV/Cable wires with another and then the lamps and other appliances with yet another color. Coordinated and Organized!!!!

  9. Make a List!  I save the list until I’m closing in on the final stretch of putting it all back together.  If I started the list at the beginning, I would have 100 “to do” things to cross off and it would be so overwhelming I would (just the usual folks!) get a bowl of popcorn and Netflix and plop on the couch! Instead, my list now consists of the detail things: where and how to place the throw rug; which way to arrange the books and trinkets on the coffee table; how to place family pictures around the room.

  10. And Last but not Least – Dust and Mop.  After everything is put away and arranged and the plants face the sunlight and the pillows are plumped on the couch, to remove any of the lingering lint, one last swipe of a dust rag over EVERYTHING and a mop passed over all the open flooring space will bring everything to a final Sparkle!!

Now….The big Challenge is to keep this sparkling, perfect ready for a photo-shoot Homes and Garden room clean!!!


*Clean as you go (pick up things out of place as you walk through the room)

*Dust once a week with a simple damp cloth over EVERYTHING (keeps dust bunnies tame)

*Run a vacuum once a week while dancing to LOUD disco music

*Use a mop at the same time as the dust cloth

*File papers immediately

*Throw JUNK out

*Take out the Trash!!!!

I would like to include a few pictures of some Organizational/Upcycle items that are truly from the Recycle Bin and are helping me get these rooms All Together!!

Bracelet holders : toilet paper roll, toilet paper storage, blue wine bottlehow-to-organize

Colorful cans


Cookie jar ribbon holder


Pants Hangers and regular hangers for ribbons


Paper towel tubes for paper storage


Wine rack paint storage


CD rack pen storage


Hanging sweater storage for ribbons


Lunch tray storage

The lunch trays are just something I ended up with from when we had restaurants and bought another one out.  We never used these trays and I tried to sell them but to no avail!! So, I glued corks on each corner and use them for storage for flat paper cutouts like pieces of flowers and curves and corners.  Each tray is labeled as to what is on them and I just lift the others off when I need something for an art project.  I thought it was a clever way to use them instead of dumping them in the garbage can!!


Shoe box storage


Colorful storage drawers


Baskets for storage


Paint carousels


And this.....


Has turned into this!!!!


And here is a useful link that gives tips on how to donate your excess items to charity!

Until Next time!

Keep on Junkin’




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