Location, Location, Location

This is one principle that has stood the test of time – and not just in real estate. Accessing the lists made available through StorageUnitAuctionList.com will give you an instant leg-up on the competition, but that’s not all you can do to maximize your odds for success on the bidding floor.

One of the biggest challenges faced by auction-goers is deciding which auctions to attend and which to skip. So unless you have the ability to be in multiple places at one time, it’s a good idea to develop a strategy for narrowing down your list.

Know the Urban vs. Rural Rule:

urban ruralIn general, urban areas offer greater chances for success. One obvious reason for this rule is the fact that city-dwellers simply do not have as much space as their countryside counterparts. The storage seeker who just moved into a one-room apartment in New York City probably has a lot of furniture to stow. Furthermore, big cities attract wealth and statistical data shows that urban areas boast the largest concentrations of high-income residents in the country. So when in doubt, choose the facility that caters to urbanites and forgo the more rural locale.

Check the Income

Even though cities are generally wealthier than smaller towns, do not always assume this is true. Is the storage facility in a wealthy part of the city, or is it in a poorer neighborhood? It's always a good idea to do your research; if the facility is close enough to drive to before the auction, it's a good idea to check it out, as well as the surrounding area, to assess whether or not it's worth your time. Of course, poor areas do not always mean junky units; there's an exception to every rule.

Better Facilities = Better Finds:

self storageStorage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and some are better than others. It stands to reason that the person seeking storage for their flat-screen TV or antique heirloom furniture would opt for a clean, dry, climate-controlled unit kept indoors at a gated, well-lit facility over an un-sealed, poorly-constructed unit stored outside. Simply put, renters are likely to pay more for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their belongings will be kept safe and sound for the duration of their time in storage – especially if the items to be stored are high in value. So boost your odds of striking gold by targeting facilities that offer superior amenities at higher prices.


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