Make Money from Spring Cleaning

Ahhhh...Spring cleaning! The time of year to clean the house and get rid of old and unused stuff and make a little money! This annual ritual can sometimes feel like a big pain, BUT, it can also fill your wallet. If you approach the chore as a money making adventure, then it can excite and motivate you to really get organized. Attics, closets, bedrooms, garages, basements and sheds suddenly can become goldmines full of valuable  treasures. There are many ways to make some extra dough during spring cleaning season and here are a few.

Sell your stuff online. Use Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, ebay and letitgo. These sites allow you to sell locally so that there is no shipping involved. Post a picture and a good description and you will have a deal. Make sure that you create a profile so that buyers can view your ratings and a way to contact you. Each site is different, so make sure that you are listing your items in the right categories. When a buyer messages you with an interest in your items, make sure you respond immediately. You don’t want to lose a sale. Furniture, small appliances, suitcases, jewelry and accessories all sell very well online. Getting the best price on your items will take a bit of research on sites to see what others are selling the same thing for and what the condition of the item is in. Your price needs to be competitive, but you should highlight qualities or advantages of your item that are better than all of the rest to get the highest price. Include measurements in the description and offer excellent photos from all angles and of any scratches or dents as you want to be honest about the condition the item is in. Sell items on sites outside of your local area that can be shipped easily and cheaply. Include the shipping amount in the price that you are asking. Large items such as used appliances, you will need to try the local sites. Also, let all of your friends know that you are selling items on your social media pages. Friends are usually the first who will buy! Have them private message you if they are interested so that you can take it off the market right away.. You can also sell items in Facebook groups that may pertain to your item or the area. There are many categories that can pertain to just the type of items that you are selling such as baby items, or fishing gear and even gardening tools. Facebook Marketplace can be general in its listings or it can be specialized.

Clothes are one of those things that always end up in a “get rid of” pile during spring cleaning. Sell them on consignment at a local consignment shop. This is a great way to go about getting rid of clothes and making money if you don’t want to deal with selling each item online. Each shop is a bit different with their own sales rules, but, most consignment stores split the selling price of an item with you 50/50. Many consignment shops will specialize in the items they will sell so if you have a truck load of furniture, appliances, dishes and clothes, you will have to check to see if the shop will take everything or if you need to find several different consignment shops to put your items. Look for stores that get a lot of foot traffic to increase the chances that your items will sell quickly. Make sure that everything is clean and pressed and furniture and appliances have all had a good wash down. Many places will not take items in an “as is” condition. There are also online consignment shops that will accept certain items for a percentage commission. Kids clothing and accessories are very popular at consignment shops along with designer labels and very recent styles. Vintage clothing is a sought after item at antique stores and they will buy right there if they like the item. New and used sporting equipment is sold at consignment shops also. Shops will sell the used items at 40 percent to 60 percent off the original retail price. The shop then pays you 30 percent to 50 percent of the projected resale amount for each item. Local antique malls and flea markets are also always looking for goods to resell. Perhaps you have enough to sell that you could open your own little section. Ask for details because it may be worth it for a few months.

You can recycle your computers and phones both online and at gaming shops. Tech gadgets and electronics can be sold on sites such as and and can make you some extra money. You can recycle your unwanted cell phone, tablet or MP3 player at several different stores such as Walmart and Gadgets and they will give you cash on the spot.

Another way to make money from your spring cleaning adventure is to have a yard sale. If you have a lot of items you can sell everything from your front porch, garage or yard. Advertise it in your local newspaper's classified section, online on and on Facebook. Post signs around the neighborhood with your address and arrows pointing toward your house. Put prices on everything and arrange tables with items while also hanging clothes on lines or fences so buyers can see them. Put the best items toward the front of the yard so people driving by can see them and display big things like hutches and appliances at the end of the driveway so that it is easier for a buyer to pick them up. Hosting a garage sale is potentially a great way to make quite a bit of money. If you don’t want to go through the fuss and muss of a sale in your front yard, then hold a virtual yard sale. Announce to all of your friends on Facebook that you are going to have an online yard sale at such and such a date and then post pictures with brief descriptions and the individual prices of everything you are selling on that date. People can pay you through Square, Paypal or Facebook send money. If you have to send the item to someone, include the price of shipping.

And then, there is the repair and re-purpose idea for your discarded items. Maybe an old table can be painted in a whimsical new way and be sold for twice what it was originally going to be sold at the garage sale. An old sweatshirt can be cut up and sewn into a large over the shoulder bag. Unwanted wine glasses can be painted and sold with silk flowers and framed mirrors can be painted shabby chic for decor. Sometimes old things just need a good cleaning or a new look to regain their value. You can pick up odds and ends for free on big garbage day. People throw out old furniture and dishes and frames. They don’t want to have a sale or sell online so they just toss the stuff to the curb. Make sure you are driving the right vehicle for this type of venture. You may need a friend with a truck if you find a great book case or a dining room set!

And finally, a wonderful way to make money off of spring cleaning is to advertise to help someone else spring clean. You can clean out garages, basements and attics for a fee. You can offer to sell their unwanted items for a fee or you can even set up a garage sale for them all for a fee. Start letting friends and relatives know you're offering your services and post notices on community boards and church bulletins. This is actually a way that many professional organizers get their start in the business. Build a reputation for being thorough and fair and you could be a sought after business in your community.

These are just a few ways to make the annual spring ritual seem a bit more fun and earn a few dollars to spend buying more cool stuff. Wherever spring cleaning takes you, you can make a few extra dollars even if they are found between the couch cushions.

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