So Many Tires so little Time!


So often I speak to people who attend storage unit auctions, and their number one complaint is that they end up with Stuff that they have to throw away!!!

Well, my point of view is that you are bidding on and then buying Everything that is in that Unit and it is up to YOU to figure out a new way to use this “Stuff”!


The last few Blogs have been about different uses for everyday things and Today’s Blog is about the most commonly found object in Storage Units – TIRES!!!!

shutterstock_98507390 shutterstock/ Worytko Pawel

Round, rubbery, black, dirty, and oily, Tires can appear to be an arch nemesis!

But, some very Artsy Friends of mine have been sending me ideas about how to use Tires creatively, environmentally and just plain cool.

I have included a few ideas and pictures and hope that these ideas get passed on to families with children who would Love a backyard playground paradise, or a city Parks and Recreation Committee who is looking to do the Environmentally Correct thing or a Campground, Beachside park, or a whole subdivision who would embrace using these everyday items and recreate their use into something Incredible!!!  Enjoy!!!

1. Tire Planter: This is simply more than amazing!!! Michaels, Target, Walmart all have those little three-legged stools that are unfinished.  Just nail an old tire to the top of the stool, put a bucket with dirt in the middle, plant seeds and Voila!!! Coolest Planter Ever!!! And the rubber does NOT disintegrate like plain old plastic.  So, you can add a new tire each season or 4 of them together when you change the tires!!!

tire planter


 2. Tire Alligators: This was sent to me months ago.  I’m not sure, since I live in Florida, if these were sent to me so that I could put them in my backyard and protect my many cats.  But, I think these are an incredibly cool use of tires that any Playground Committee would love to include for their very imaginative children!!!

Tire alligators

 3. Tire Ottoman: Not only am I a BIG FAN of Bright colors, but, I adore controversial furniture!!!! A mirror, a glass top, a piece of chopping block or decoupage wood would make this idea the center piece of any room!!!

tire ottoman

4. Tire Swing: And of course, how could a list of uses for tires be complete without your standard Tire Swing!!! But, you can make it completely original with just a bit of paint!!

tire swing

 5. Tire Wall: I don't know about you, but this climbing wall is something that I believe I could even do!!! OKAY Playground People!!! Go to your local auto yard and grab yourself some tires!!!!

tire climb


6. Office Chair: I absolutely am in LOVE with this idea!!!!! As a short person, I have gone through my fair share of office chairs!!! How cool is this to use as an outdoor patio chair!! It’s all rubber and the rain will just Bounce right off!!

tire chair


7. Tire Palm Tree: Well, What can I say?  I live in Florida!!!! These are Perfect!!!!

tire palm tree


 8. Tire Sinks: Forget the “Man Cave” thing!!! I think these would be fantastic in my art studio or kids’ bathroom!!! So Clever!

tire sinks


And Finally!!!!


9. Tire Elephant: This is beyond Fantastic!!! This is True Art and fits all of my criteria for Upcycle –Recycle and Reuse!!!!

tire elephant

Good Work One and All!!!

Now let’s see what YOU can do with Tires!!

Post a picture in our comments and we will get it out there for the whole World to see!!


Until Next Time

Keep on Junkin’


Amy's Heart


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