Name The Royal Baby and Win!

Royal Baby Fever!

royal baby

The entire world has been swept up in what can only be described as royal baby fever! From the actual birth of the third-in-line heir to the throne, his gender & birth weight, to what the proud parents wore and said as they exited the historic St. Mary's Hospital in London.

The Duchess, formerly Kate Middleton wore a frock not dissimilar to the late Princess Diana, Prince William's Mother. Prince William bucked royal tradition by being casual, joking with reporters, buckling his new son into the family Range Rover, and driving everyone home safely-himself.

While much of the royal birth has seemed to go like clockwork, with congratulatory statements from members of the royal family hitting the media in short order, there has been one small snag to the proceeds....the new bundle of joy has no name!

Members of the press have been throwing around guesses left and right, but so far, Buckingham Palace has been mum on the subject. We didn't want to be left out on the fun, and we didn't want you to miss out either!


We're offering a free Storage Unit Auction List water bottle for anybody who guesses the new bundle of joy's name before the official announcement is made! Cast your vote by commenting on the blog below! We'll announce the winner as soon as the official announcement is made.

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