Once in a Blue Moon

The moon landing still remains to be a massively important event in American history and most Americans are familiar with the name Neil Armstrong. Those infatuated with the idea of space travel and exploration have a once in a lifetime opportunity at the moment, as the bag that Neil used to collect lunar samples is now up for auction. The bag carries an expected value of $4 million, however experts expect that it could eclipse that number (no pun intended). Many of you may be wondering how it is that this particular item came to be auctioned and what an interesting journey it is to this point.

Lunar Legal Battle!

To say that it was a long journey to get to the point of this auction taking place would likely be an understatement. According to the New York Times, this particular bag was auctioned off by the US Government after being mislabeled. A lawyer from Illinois purchased the bag for just under $1000 in 2015. The bag was then sent to NASA to have it authenticated, however once it was authenticated and NASA realized the relic that they had, they decided to keep it. The lawyer was understandably upset and sued NASA for possession of the bag. NASA ended up losing the ensuing legal battle and to this day are less than pleased that this piece of history is not available to be viewed by the public. To quote Indiana Jones "That belongs in a museum!" The lawyer has elected to auction off the item and has said that she plans on donating a portion of the proceeds from the auction to charity supporting the Immune Deficiency Foundation and a children's hospital.

So for the opportunity to own a piece of history and support a good charitable cause (Albeit while making someone a millionaire) make sure to tune in for the public viewing through Sotheby's today and tomorrow with another viewing on July 13.

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source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/24/us/neil-armstrong-moon-bag.html

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