Police Auctions

A police auction, as defined by Google search, is an auction of goods which have been confiscated by the police and cannot or may not be returned to their original owners. They may also contain surplus and retired police equipment, such as used police cars.  

Most police stations both big and small, end up with a lot of stuff or what they call “property. After that property has gone through all of the legal processes for court cases and contacting the owner, if no one has claimed the stuff, after certain a period of time, the Evidence Section of a police department needs to dispose of this stuff! It no longer needs it and they can not keep it for the simple reason of space. So, many police departments hold an auction. This is done on the grounds of the department or a third party contract or an online auction site that specializes in police department properties.They auction off all of the abandoned, stolen, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property of all types, that has been unclaimed for 30 days or more. The auctioned items can include things like electronics, jewelry, clothing, bicycles, tools, sporting equipment, cars, boats and furniture.Remember this is all about snapping up lost property or goods seized from criminals when the police can't find the rightful owners. Some merchandise that ends up in government auctions is surplus. Goods that are overstocked, no longer needed, or updated. Real estate, Commercial property, and Homes are sold as surplus. The goods are sold when the government no longer has a use for them or the property was seized as a result of criminal activity.

Becoming a part of the buying crowd of police auctions is easy. Many police auctions are announced through the  newspaper. The local police will sometimes put out leaflets or notifications of an impending auction being held. Or you can call your local government offices and find out how you can locate an auction. Many police forces sell through ebay or a liquidation service if not from a live auction house. Sometimes, other departments of a city will sell items also.

Automobiles, Trucks ,Vans, Buses, Jeeps, Forklifts, Motorcycles, Boats, Ships, Airplanes, Cameras, Office Equipment, Clothing, Jewelry, Computers, Building Materials, Kitchen Equipment and Cookware, Electronic Equipment, Farm Equipment, Homes, Commercial Real Estate, Bicycles, VCRs, Stereos, Power Tools, , Audio Visual Equipment are all items that you can find regularly at a Police or government auction. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) auctions a wide variety of items that have been lost in the mail, or are unclaimed, or on which an insurance claim has been paid. This merchandise are referred to as mail recovery auctions. The merchandise may include, televisions, radios, tape recorders, jewelry, VCRs, and clothing. The USPS also has sales programs that sell excess postal vehicles, computers, workroom and office furniture, and electronic and hardware items for mail handling equipment.

Anyone can attend these auctions because they are open to the public.Government and Police auctions have a registration form that needs to be filled out before you can bid. You will have to show a form of identification. When you are registered you will be given a bidding number. This Number must be shown to the auctioneer when you make a bid. The auctioneer will accept bids only from registered bidders. Auctions sell items only in “as is” condition. You should always try and inspect the merchandise before you bid. All items must be paid for in full before they can be removed from the site. In the case of motor vehicles, title will be transferred to you when you pay for them. However, if you plan to sell the car, you may have to wait a few weeks for all the required paperwork to arrive in the mail. Cash is always accepted. Cashier's Checks, and Post Office money orders, are the preferred forms of payment. Some Auctions if run by a private company will take Visa, and Master Card. Always check with the Auction to be sure.

Police auctions  offer a value that is very worthwhile. If you take the time to understand what you're buying and what the value of those items is, you can find some very high-profit buys for your e-business.If you are looking for some high margin things to sell on ebay or your ecommerce store, police auctions provide a unique opportunity for some very profitable products.

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