Priced to Sell

I am an extremely Positive Person and I like to think of water glasses half full and that the Sun ALWAYS comes out, BUT… the garage sale season here in North Florida is off to a terribly slow start!!!! Fifteen sales were listed in the Pennysaver for my little town and I planned and mapped out 8 of them. First sale I got started on Saturday at my usual 11 am time and as I started to work my “route”, sale after sale had been canceled! I can only assume that the 55-degree temperatures and the stiff ocean breezes made it difficult to stand in your driveway and hope for sale seekers!!!


Second sale

But, I persisted and I finally came upon an open sale and met a wonderful Russian couple that was eager to get rid of everything! She was warm and bubbly and every time I asked her the price of an item, it seemed to go for “One Dollah!” Most of their items were tools and dishes, things I already had too much of in my own home, but I did buy some old frames and Christmas items.

While the Bubbly misses went inside to get change, another couple came up to the sale and started asking for prices. The husband of Misses Bubbly, who’s English was terrible at best, started giving out prices that were shockingly high. The sale seeker was just that, shocked!!! He even blurted, “WHAT!!” After looking over a few items and continuously asking for prices, the sale seeker just left without buying anything. Misses Bubbly was oblivious to the departing couple and happily gave me my change while pointing out other items she thought I would like. But, I left with my treasures and wished them luck on such a cold Florida Day.


Third sale

I found one other sale that was still in progress and the group putting it on was all huddled in the garage with the items strewn around the driveway. This time, all items were priced with very large labels so there was no negotiation. But the Man in Charge came out and stated that everything was “Half Price”. There were pieces of furniture, a complex stereo system and lots of copperware. I love copperware and own quite a collection. Unfortunately, I also know prices and these prices were set to match items selling new at Macy’s! Even at half price, they were way too high for a garage sale. I think they could tell I was disappointed because the next thing I looked at was a plant shelf and they let me have it for 75% off the original price! I bought the shelf and decided to call it a day

. Garage sale Garage sale Garage sale


On the way back home, I started to think about the prices for used items at both of these sales. I certainly understand the state of our economy and people selling things from their homes to pay for bills, but there is an unwritten rule about garage sales: Price To Sell!!!! All too often, I will buy something at a garage sale that I certainly don’t need but I buy it because it was such a fantastic deal!!!! I absolutely love things for a Buck!!! Even $5 can be a deal! Furniture I will look at in the $20 range but when prices start going into the $40, $50 and on up range, it will simply bust my budget!!! I have bought things in that range but they were very “one of a kind” and the only thing at the sale with that price tag on it!!! So I recommend pricing items in a logical fashion. Price to Sell!!!!


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