Pricing For Resale

Pricing Your Stuff:  from garage sales to brick-and-mortar stores to online sales.

When setting a price for an item, you must consider exactly where that item is going to be sold.  Will it be sold at a Garage Sale?  Will it be sold On Line?  Will it be sold at a shop?

So many things to consider when setting a price!

I chose 10 items from around my home and I went to my handy websites to estimate how much I could ask for these items at a Garage Sale!,,

Then I went to Ebay to see what prices were put on the same items

and finally, I went to and for advice in pricing for an Antique Shop with the same exact items.

salt and pepper shakers

I Have a HUGE collection of salt and peppershakers.  Some of these are simply “cute”, others are antiques or vintage and yet others have a heart felt sentiment that goes with them.

Suggested price:  $3 to $8 each

Ebay: $5 set

Antique store: $5 - $8


chicken plates

One of our restaurants that we owned was Italian and much of my décor was “Italian Farm”.  So I had chicken things everywhere!  Needless to say, I still own lots and lots of Chicken Plates!

Suggested price:  $3 each

Ebay: $10 each

Antique store: $25 each


cupboard of plates


When you own a restaurant, plates of all sizes and shapes are a mainstay.  We liked to serve our meals on mismatched dinnerware, consequently, I have enough plates to serve an army!

Suggested price: $20 full set

Ebay: $30 full set

Antique store: $40 full set


maiden picture


My husband was an artist, so paintings are hung from floor to ceiling in every room on every surface in every corner of my home.  This print came home with me after spotting it in a pile for the garbage men.  I told myself that I would use the frame for one of MY paintings, but instead, the picture has grown on me and it hangs on the front of an old hutch!

Suggested price: $20

Ebay: $50

Antique store: $50


mahogany desk


When I picked up this desk, it was with full intention of painting it multiple colors with glitter and polka dots and puffy paints.  But, someone made the comment that it was made out of mahogany and that furniture made from this wood is becoming more rare.  Since then, I put it in front of the morning sun window to let my plants shine on!

Suggested price:  $25 - $75

Ebay: $140 - $500

Antique store: $350 -$500




I bought this Veneered Sideboard or Credenza as a piece to store our linens in at the restaurant.  When it became a part of our home décor, well I just fell in love with it!! It reminds me of my Grandmother and her odd collection of furnishings!

Suggested price: $50 - $100

Ebay: $700 - $3000

Antique store: $450


old fashioned stove


This old porcelain stove is my favorite piece of furniture of all time!! We bought it on a fluke when I walked into an antique Mall in Bay City, Michigan and the owner told me he would “make me a deal I couldn’t refuse!”  So we bought it and squished it in between two teenage sons and traveled the last 5 hours home!  I have cherished it as a centerpiece to my kitchens ever since!!

Suggested price: $100

Ebay: $500

Antique store: $500


modern rug

I like rugs! Rugs on top of rugs and even more rugs on top of that are my favorite for floors.  They call the style “Victorian”.  I call it “dirt absorber1”

Suggested price: $20

Ebay: $70

Antique store: $75




I have collected weird and cheap earrings since I got my ears pierced in college!  I can’t seem to throw them out, but I do use them in my artwork and on dolls I sew!

Suggested price: $1 a pair

Ebay: $$1 -$5 a pair

Antique store: $3 a pair


paperback books


I have paperback books so old, I should use them in the fireplace to start cold weather fires!  But, each one is like seeing an old friend!  I remember the stories they tell!!

Suggested price: 50¢

Ebay: $1

Antique store: $1


Pricing an item basically boils down to what you can get someone to pay for it; how much you want to dicker on the price; and how badly you really, really want to get rid of the item!  That’s why auctions are my favorite for pricing and deals!  The crowd determines the price!  And the crowd is usually right on the Penny!!!!!


Until next time,

Have fun Junkin’


Amy's Heart

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