Recruiting Storage Hunters for All-New Personal Profile Feature!

If you have been with for a solid while and have since become (or already were) a storage unit flipping mastermind, we would like to personallymicrophone showcase you on our website, a website that gets several hundred blog reads and thousands of visits per day!

Since’s recent birth in late 2010, we have experienced a pleasant amount of success and risen to prominence very quickly. Good for us, right? Well, we know full well that that success is due largely in part to our customer’s believing in and putting to work our exclusive auction data--those who show us that we are doing it right by occasionally offering short praises in e-mails.

We want to give back to you.

So, what we are launching right now is a Bi-monthly Profile Blog Feature (here's a sample profile, for your curiosity) that is going to put our most hardcore, successful, and interesting customer’s storage-auction-hunting career stories all over the internet, via Facebook, Twitter, and of course, directly through the website.  We are an international, web-based company and would love to promote the efforts of our fellow statesmen, be you a New Mexican or a New Yorker.

Essentially, we want to hear about how you rose as a successful auction hunter: the treasures you have found, your foolproof tactics, your lowest moment and how you dealt with it, your strangest locker, what you keep vs. what you sell, and much more!

Let’s face it: it’s hard to put your faith in a simple testimonial that looks like it could have come from anywhere. We are keenly interested in telling your story in detail so that future customers know just how deep the rabbit hole of storage hunting can go, that this is a serious side job, and how exactly one can lay a foundation for being successful at the trade.

As for you, the potential profilee, we are putting you on the map and eternalizing your legacy via the internet.  Because we have so many subscribers, we would like to ask you to answer a few basic questions in your responses so that we have a better idea of where you stand, both as a subscriber with us and a general auction goer:

1. Length subscribed to

2. How many auctions have you been to in the past two months?

3. Have you sold merchandise through Craig’slist, Ebay, Pawn Shops, or flea markets?

4. What is the most profit you have turned on a single unit?


Since we are just in our baby phases of this, please do not be shy in getting in touch with us. If you think you have a great story to tell and have been with us for just a few months, there is no reason why you cannot be featured.  Reply to any of the sources below so we can get the ball rolling!



David Gross, Content Writer
Phone Number: 828-202-4086 (please leave a message and I will return your call promptly).

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