Rules And Uses for Storage Units

A storage unit is a space for you to fill with things from your overflowing house. Or is it? In actuality, a storage unit is simply an empty space...and you can fill it with anything that you want! OK … maybe not anything … but within reason. If your closets are bulging with too many out of season clothes… storage unit. If the garage is filled with too many “toys” … storage unit. If the business papers are covering the dining room table … storage unit. Yes, a storage unit is a necessary space in today’s crowded lives. It gives you the opportunity to get things out of the way and yet you have immediate access to them. It allows you to pack things up and take some time to “think about it” before you decide to donate. It makes space for other things when the winter toys are taking up room in the summer garage. A storage unit is a pretty convenient thing to have.

As stated earlier, there are some things that you can not put into a storage unit. Things that are flammable such as explosives and fireworks are not allowed. Guns and other weapons are not normally allowed, although some storage companies will allow you to store them if you take out additional insurance. Obviously, live animals and plants can’t be kept in a dark windowless storage unit. Fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, cheese and other perishable items cannot be stored in a unit. There are proper places for storing particular things. You can’t store stolen goods. A storage company will not be involved. This goes with illegal items also. And finally, you cannot live in your storage unit.

But there are so many other alternative uses for these spaces. Here is a small compilation of cool ideas for a storage unit space.

A quiet space that is away from the hustle and bustle of an active household, a storage unit can easily be converted into a writers getaway. The space easily allows for a desk a chair and couch and a computer. You will need to have power in the unit, but if there is a light bulb, then there is power. Or, you could add lots of books and cozy lighting and create a library. Shelving, lamps, an overstuffed chair and a large floor rug and the space can be designed to be a different world. Or use it as a hobby space, or a man or woman cave. Put all of your craft goodies on shelves with a giant table and chairs and craft away. Add a giant TV with sports posters and a popcorn machine with overstuffed chairs and invite people to watch the game.There’s no mess at home and it doesn’t matter at the storage unit! Add a ping pong or pool table for a game room to hang out. A storage unit allows you to move the clutter off the dining room table, make an extra bedroom into a real guest room and allow the garage to house the cars.

On the same subject of a library or writers den, a storage space can become an art studio. An easel, table, paints and tools and you have a working studio that can get as messy as you need and all you have to do is pull down the door and be done for the day. Many artists enjoy working in spaces that get messy and can also get stinky with spray paints and turpentine. This doesn’t make for convenience to have a studio in the home. So, a storage unit is a very good alternative. Since most storage units are built on a cement slab, you should be able to clean up messes quite easily. But, it is wise to put down painters tarps if you are exceptionally messy with paints. Another nice part of having a studio in a storage unit is that it is private. Then, there is also the option of turning the unit into an art gallery. Some cities and storage facilities work together to create an artist district with the facility being the focal point. Equipping the units with walls that art can be easily hung on and with lighting that showcases works of art, you have the perfect gallery space.

Another logical use for a storage unit space is to make it into an office. If you work from home and find it difficult to stay on track with all of the interruptions, a storage unit is a perfect solution. You can find out before you rent a space whether there is the ability to have a phone line, wi-fi and electric in a space. If it is possible, then all you need is a desk, chair and your computer and you are ready to work. You can even store your merchandise and set up a shipping station in the unit. Some small companies have moved their entire operations to storage units. Self storage space is an affordable alternative to a typical small office.

A gym or workout space is perfect use of a storage unit. Put up a punching bag, a jump rope, free weights, maybe even a treadmill and you are ready to exercise.You can stop paying fees at a public gym and have your own private one. Putting a home gym in your garage is a good option but having a space away from interruptions and the phone, gives you the ability to have one goal in mind. This suggestion for storage unit use is probably the easiest to set up because there is little chance of damage or disturbance. Many people store gym equipment in a storage unit already and this is giving the equipment the opportunity to be used! And while we are speaking of a workout, another exercise and business opportunity is setting up a martial arts gym! A storage unit is a perfect place to do martial arts practice because of the amount of space available. The space can feature a studio area, weights, cardio-vascular equipment and even a fighting cage.

Then, there is the rehearsal hall option. Whether you are a musician or an actor, it is difficult to find open space in which to rehearse without disturbing others. With a storage unit, you can tape the floor to indicate the stage area, load up stage sets while they are being built and use equipment and leave it in place after a rehearsal schedule. And the best part of this location is that you won’t disturb anyone at all!

A storage unit has a vast number of uses and the rent rate is low enough that it makes having one a benefit for everyone in the family. There are certain etiquette's that you need to consider when renting a unit for more than just a place to store stuff. You should always be polite and aware of others and your surroundings. Do not blast music if there is a neighborhood nearby and if someone is emptying out their unit nearby while you are trying to make important phone calls, remember that you are in a storage unit! All in all, having a unit as an extra room can be both fun and very creative!

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