Say it Ain't So, Robertsons

Duck DynastyAccording to the latest rumors on the blogosphere: Duck Dynasty just might be a fraud. I'm not really sure where I come out on this one. I have always liked the show. By extension, been a fan of the family, too. Since the first episode, there have been countless discussions all over about how, if you're from where they're from, you can see them around town and they are just as they appear to be when the cameras are rolling.

Before getting all bent out of shape on this one, who's got some feedback and perspective for us? On top of everything else, seems like a lame time to come out with this story anyway, true or not. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, "isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?" Maybe we are a little too hypersensitive this time of year when it comes to the family. Whether you fancy yourselves akin to the Griswolds, the Simpsons, or the Robertsons, we all have our fair share of drama around the holidays. Some time between being psyched to wait in line for hours to sit on Santa's lap at the mall and give him our wish list and when we started paying all of our own bills, we lost sight of the spirit of this whole thing...

I was always taught that the holiday season is one of good will toward all men and women. A time that we get out of our daily grind, hopefully. When the people we pass on the street might receive a smile, some eye contact, and even a sincere inquiry as to how their day is going. It is a time when we can all embrace our similarities and shy away, if only for a little while, from our perceived differences.

This week, with just the right amount of time spent with family and loved ones, we can see one another as companions on this journey of life, and not just obstacles or obligations strewn throughout our day-to-day. No matter how strange the view might be around the dining room table this Wednesday...

muppet christmas

So maybe this is just an opportunity for me to be a little more forgiving than usual. Maybe it is a time, regardless of what's happening in the swamps of Louisiana, for us to all be a bit gentler on the bidding floor. Let's take the time for what we're grateful for. Whatever scenario brought you to the resale market, there's bound to be a lot on that list; if you take the time to reflect and give thanks.

Even in the cutthroat world of storage auctions and the resale business, there are countless examples of people organizing fundraisers, setting aside inventory for those less fortunate, etc. Many self-storage facilities are even sending off gifts overseas  to soldiers spending their holidays away from their homes and families. There's a lot of do-gooders out there, might as well follow suit, yeah?

Sure, there's an abundance of stressful events and circumstances throughout anybody's work week. And, even when the 9-5 goes as smooth as can be, home life and family can push all the right buttons at all the right times. But, hey, you're here. Your family is here. And that's something that grows easier to forget and truly value these days.

peanuts christmasTry to treasure the moments you spend with yourself as much as those you spend begrudgingly with your extended family. The world's a funny place. And it is up to us to take that step towards one another to make it a better one. Just keep doing you. We'll keep doing us. We'll keep listing, verifying, and serving all of your auction needs. Who knows? Maybe we can free up some time for ya this week so you can spend some more of it spreading that gooey, clichéd, Hallmarky holiday spirit. And when you’re sitting around your dinner table with that chaos that comes but once a year, keep it in mind that your body can’t tell the difference between a fake smile, a phony laugh, & the real thing! So, if ya gotta, just fake it! Stay safe and stay tuned, we got plenty more new & exciting changes in store for 2014!

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