"Self Storage" Movie Set to Chill and Thrill in 2013

Self-Storage the movieIt looks like the movie industry is taking note of the rising popularity of self storage: Producer Chad Verdi and director Tom DeNucci are working on a new horror movie simply entitled “Self Storage”, expected to be released by February of 2013. No, I’m not joking. I couldn’t make this up even if I tried. And believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a horror movie has used self storage to its advantage.

The crew wrapped up filming at a self storage facility in Greenwich, Rhode Island earlier this month. Producer Verdi has high hopes for the future of this film, which has been a work in progress at the pen of DeNucci for seven years. "This film is going to be something very special. It started with a great script, and now, with this cast, the sky is the limit."

The premise, like most horror movies, is pretty simple and formulaic: a night watchman named Jake (played by DeNucci himself), decides to throw his college friends a party at the storage facility he works at. And if you’ve watched any horror movie, you already know that young people having fun and causing mischief inevitably leads to absolute terror.  But what—or who—is causing the terror? We don’t know that for sure yet, but the movie’s tag line promises something menacing (if not cheesy, in classic horror movie fashion):  “Barbed wire fences are meant to keep people out…but these fences keep people in”. Oh dear.

Tom DeNucci directs Tommy Dreamer on setUnlike its storage-facility-based-horror-movie predecessors, this movie has a pretty high-profile cast. Academy Award nominated Eric Roberts, horror movie legend Michael Berryman, and Extreme Championship Wrestler Tommy Dreamer (pictured here with director Tom DeNucci) are just a few names among the star studded crew. They must’ve had a pretty good budget!

If that’s not enough star power for you, you should know that Eric Roberts, a.k.a. Julia Roberts’ brother, has had a pretty impressive track record, landing roles in the hit TV series Heroes, and movie blockbusters such as The Dark Knight and The Expendables--just to name a few. Roberts will play the role of Walter, a former black operative with some unfinished business with a shady character at the storage facility. Sounds mysterious, doesn't it?

Michael Berryman is not necessarily a household name—but you’ll know him when you see him. Born with a condition that left him with no hair, sweat glands, or fingernails, his unique appearance has landed him some creepy roles in The Hills Have EyesThe Devil’s RejectsThe X-Files, and many, many more. He joins the crew as Trevor, Walter's faithful brother, and is sure to give a performance that is creepy, but somehow charming.

actors on set of "Self Storage"The creation of this movie makes me wonder where the self storage industry is going.  We all know that self storage is alive and well thanks to the consumerism of American culture, and storage auctions are alive and well thanks to reality TV, but is it possible that a creepy movie can turn people away from the business as fast as Storage Wars drew them in? Perhaps not—it would take a lot of leverage for this movie to gain the same popularity as Storage Wars—but it’s interesting to see self storage making it into the mainstream in other places besides reality TV. Maybe someday, years from now, they’ll be calling this era “The Golden Age of Self Storage”.

As for my personal opinion on this movie? I do enjoy a good horror movie, but honestly, good horror movies are hard to come by (I literally fell asleep watching The Ring, if that gives you any insight on my tastes). We'll just have to wait and see. Granted, I do prefer a comedy any day of the week, maybe even a comedy/horror about zombies trying to crash a storage auction, with Barry Weiss as a renegade zombie hunter...but hey, there's always room for a sequel of sorts. A girl can dream, right?

Regardless, I'm definitely intrigued and will be seeing it, and giving you all my full report. Stay tuned!

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