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Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I MUST tell you how EASY it is to post your items in the Classified Section of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For years, I have posted things for sale on Ebay, Craigslist, Facebook swipswap, Etsy etc., etc.  I usually greeted the task with procrastination and fear.  I am not a computer Whiz Kid, so lots of instructions on how to upload an item always baffled then frustrated me!!!  I really, really wanted to use these new classifieds!  So, finally, I threw myself into the task and….WOW!!!! Wow!!! Again!!! This was so Easy that even I could do it!!!!


First, Sign In

Next: hit the button that says “Publish a listing”

Select a Category (select one that most people would look for your item)

Choose a Title (chair, table saw, baby bed etc.)

Write a description (keep it simple but descriptive) Make sure to include shipping   descriptions and limitations in this section

Choose Price

Download picture (limit is 4 so make sure you post exactly what you want to show)

Fill out Listing location (country, state, town)




I have listed 6 items and I am so excited to check my email!  Any Questions?  Any Buyers? Any Comments?

Tell me what your experience has been like!! If you are a new lister, HAVE FUN!!!!

Maybe I will finally get my Treasure Accumulations under control!!!!

Here are my listings! Click on the picture or the caption to see more!!!!!!






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