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We have so much happening at Storage Unit Auction List that we want to make sure we're keeping you plugged in and up to speed on all the action! Read on to find out everything we've got got on this week!

Weekly Webinar

The best auction hunter is an informed auction hunter!

This week's webinar will give you basic information on over 20 periods of furniture and their distinctive characteristics. Next time you're at an auction, the shutters go up, and you see furniture, you'll have tons of information to help you assess what's inside!

And don't forget, we offer a special coupon code to everybody who attends the live recording of the webinar session, so don't forget to register now to save your spot!

To register, visit this link:

Have any questions on how to download GoToMeeting or Register for the event? Give us a call at 828-357-4190 or call 800-353-8417 or email

Testimonial Release

We were overwhelmed with participation in our latest contest. We thank everyone who took the time to participate.

There were so many submissions that we're going to have a difficult time picking the winners, but we'll announce the winning submissions on the blog on Friday afternoon!

Your testimonials were so great that we've decided to use them on the site, but we need your help! To use your testimonials, we need your permission to do so. All subscribers who participated can check their inbox now to to review a release form.

Ebay Radio

Storage Unit Auction List has made it to the big time!

Our latest advertisement was featured on Ebay Radio just this afternoon! Lookout for the clip  in an upcoming blog!

New Feature

Our list of auctions is so extensive, that this week, we've  released a much requested update to the site that will help you further categorize and organize your auctions and decided whether or not an auction is for you!

Previously, whenever possible, we've done our best to include the number of units available for auction with each individual listing we provide. Similarly, we're now going to be listing the contents of the unit whenever possible. DISCLAIMER: Content postings are reported by the facility or other external sources and are not guaranteed.

Currently, about 10% of our auctions listings have content data and we expect that over the next 6 months, we'll be able to expand this to nearly 50% of all auctions listings!

Watch our tutorial on this new tool to see exactly how it works!

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