This Week in the World of Storage Hunting

Happy Saturday, everyone! We're here again with the best of the week in storage auction news!

Dave Hester and Verne TroyerDave Hester Raises Money for Lupus LA

Breaking news--everybody's favorite mogul: the cold, heartless Dave Hester--actually has a heart of gold! I'm starting to think that the ruthless tough guy act is just for TV, because Dave attended Lupus LA last week, a charity event that helps raise money and awareness for lupus. Amusingly enough, Dave wasn't doing any bidding this time around; in fact, he played the role of auctioneer during the event's charity auction. In total, the event managed to bring in about $70,000 worth of donations, and it looks like everybody had fun in the process. I always knew he was a good guy!

Washington Storage Facility Requests Permission To Grow Marijuana in Units

A storage facility in Washington is on its way to becoming the coolest hangout spot in town for local teens and glaucoma patients. Thomas Swett, owner of A1 Heated Storage in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, is applying for a conditional-use permit from the city council to allow storage renters to grow medicinal marijuana in their storage units. In the past, Swett had rented 26 units to private growers, and claims that storage units are a "safer environment" to grow the stuff than private residences. This is Swett's second appeal to the city council, who will make their decision on September 26th. Imagine the look of surprise on the bidders' faces if one of these units went to auction!

Dance Studios, Bike Shops, and Artists...All in Your Self Storage Facility

Who needs strip malls when you've got a storage facilities? Thrifty and clever business owners Indian Harbour Beach, Florida are renting local storage units and converting them into bustling little shops, including (but not limited to) dance, Pilates, and art studios, a bike shop, construction business offices, and much, much more. Surprisingly enough, Indian Harbour Beach has no ordinances preventing a business from opening in a storage unit, and local government is actually encouraging these businesses. Sounds like a brilliant plan to me: cheaper rent, security cameras everywhere, and just enough space to do what needs to get done.

See you all on Monday!

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