Storage Unit Auction List's New and Improved Account Area!

If you're not a subscriber to our website yet, boy oh boy, now is the best time ever to sign up. First we introduced our $1.99 week long trial subscription....and now, we're happy to share with you the amazing, new, easy to use account area for subscribers! What's not to love?! Not only does the new account area look a lot nicer, there's some cool new features as well as great improvements on features you've grown to know and love. Let me give you all the run-down and show you what's so neat about it.

And just because they're super's a slideshow that briefly describes the new features.


The New Tool Bar Keeps You in Control

Probably the best and most noticeable change is the new tool bar. Now, all of the tools you know and love are neatly organized in one place--and they each get their own page--making for less distractions and easier organization. What's more, the tool bar "follows" you down the page as you scroll, so you've got easy access to all of the features not matter where you are on the page. Yes, we care about you that much that we didn't want you to exert the extra energy of scrolling back up the page. Time is money for storage hunters, and whenever we find a way to save you time, no matter how small, you best believe we're gonna do it.

Bigger is Better!

storage auction mapI'm sure you noticed that the map and the calendar are full page now. Check out how cool the map looks! It's so big it almost looks like you're actually looking at the world from a helicopter! Okay okay, maybe I'm getting a little too excited....but still. The fact that it's so much larger makes finding a local storage auction much easier, as well as checking out the area surrounding it. The calendar is the same deal. The text is much larger so you don't have to squint anymore to see what you're looking at, and it's much easier to interact with. It's true: bigger is better!

Our New Friend...and Your Friend, Too

While most of what we added is simply improving on what was already there, we did bring one new tool into the fray. I'm sure you've noticed the new kid on the block--the "Export Auction List". It does exactly what its name promises: click the button and it will export all of the auctions in your area into a neatly organized graph, so you can easily visualize the name of the facility, the city, state, and zip code, the time and date, and the number of units being auctioned. What's even cooler is that this list can be printed out! Because if you're like me, you like to have a tangible copy of everything. It's so much easier to plan when you can write notes and highlight important dates, and even draw some funny pictures in the margins. Hey, if you're doing this for a living you gotta have fun with it, right?

One Thing Will Stay the Same

storage unit auction listWhile we're constantly thinking of ways we can change and improve our website, there was one thing that we didn't change about our layout...but that's because we didn't need to. You will still find the same incredible amount of auctions that you've grown to love. We're still paired with over 50,000 storage facilities in the country, we're still listing thousands of storage auctions per month, and we're still working every day to bring you the most and the best auction information on the web. And that's one thing that will never change, because we're proud of bringing you the best service possible. Like they say, "don' fix it if it's not broke"!

We hope you enjoy the new changes to the account area. And if you're not a subscriber, we hope we've convinced you to join our winning team! We would love to hear your feedback on the new changes, so please feel free to comment here or on our Facebook fan page! Thank you all and happy hunting!



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