Storage Wars: New York is Back!

Season 2 of Storage Wars: New York recently kicked off and I'm bringing you a recap on the premiere episode.

I had forgotten how much I loved the cast!  Original Productions and A&E did a fantastic job of handpicking castmembers that ooze New York City personality and a distinctive New York City charm. In case you missed my Season 1 premiere recap, let me give you the 411 now on the colorful characters.

Meet The Cast

Candy and Courtney

Candy and Courtney are the only female storage auction bidders featured on the show and bid as a team to stock merchandise for C & C Pop Up Shop, their yellow banana van on wheels. The girls both have styles reminiscent of 1940's glamour, with modern day attitudes. They aren't afraid to get saucy and sassy with the  male bidders when they see a unit that they want.

Mike B

Mike is a street smart hustler. He attends storage unit auctions to merchandise for a quick profit, hitting the NYC streets to quickly make a buck, selling individual items to his network of buyers. He  is truly the everyman of the show, with a ton of heart!

Joe P

Joe P is a man with a plan and has his very own theme music, not dissimilar to the old Shaft theme. Because...he's just that cool. Joe deals in high end merchandise such as art and collectibles and always has the best tricks for sizing up lockers and making himself some moolah.

Tad and Chris

Tad and Chris are the comedic relief of the show, as they are quite the odd couple. They regularly bicker and squabble, and sometimes aren't so lucky in auction hunting as they search for merchandise to fill their store.

John Luke

John Luke is the auctioneer used on the show for each auction. John Luke has NYC attitude that doesn't stop. His signature phrase given to attendees before the auction includes the following gem, "Don't even think about going in the room!" Hanging tough John Luke, hanging tough and I like it!


A&E seems to be hedging their bets with the newer incarnations of the show, introducing new bidders early on. In this episode, a fella by the name of Steve is thrown into the mix and he doesn't seem to be the friendliest, as he bangs on lockers and throws around his attitude and size to try to intimidate the other buyers while winning storage auctions to stock his flea market booth. True New York style though, I suppose...What do you think?

storage wars ny season 2

An Embarrassment of Richards

The first episode of the season starts off like many other episodes. The avengers...I mean auction hunters assemble and get down to the business of bidding on lockers.

Mike wins the first unit of the day and seems to be enjoying calling everybody Richard. Why you ask? Well...because...for reasons a true lady won't repeat. But Richard is long for something else. Know what I'm sayin?

Tad and Chris take Mike's name calling in stride, lending to a comic moment when the fellas figure out the pun. However, not everybody is as easy going and affable as they are and Steve takes it upon himself to body check Mike when he starts calling out to Steve and trying to rile him up.

Mike is nobody's chump though, and when he gets body checked, he pounces back and the two men get into a scuffle that I was sure wouldn't end well. Steve is a pretty intimidating dude.

The guys get pulled apart, and everyone recovers and gets back to business. Steve wins the next  storage unit and finds an assortment of household goods, as well as what appears to be a hand carved Chinese trinket.

The next storage auction win goes to Joe P who bids high based on the contents that he can see and the German writing on the boxes. Inside Joe's unit he finds some valuable books, authentic Danish furniture, and what appears to be some sort of medical device.

Mike goes back to his storage auction unit and finds a smart board which automatically puts him into the green. He also finds tires, assorted goods, a stash of brand new zippo lighters still in the packaging,  a huge cache of respirators, as well as some vintage photographs from a circus show.

We check in on Joe P making money with the glassware he found and thought was a medical device. It turns out, it was over 100 years old and was used in the 1880's to determine the fat percentage of milk.

Mike gets his cabinet cards appraised and finds out their historical signifigance. He makes a bit of money on top of his already awesome score.

Finally, we meet back up with Steve and his cricket cages.  Apparently, the cages were used to hold singing or fighting crickets. Yeah, that's right...fighting crickets. And on his fighting cricket merchandise he makes almost $1000.

In the end, three of the fellas made money back on their units, and nobody walked away losing money, although the dynamic duos of Chris and Tad/Candy and Courtney leave the auction empty handed. What a cruel, unfair world.

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