Stuff to Sell at Flea Markets

Flea Markets are not just Flea Markets anymore. They specialize. There are still many traditional Markets but there has been new trends that have invaded the format. Vintage shows, art markets, food markets and swap meets all offer different products and the management is strict with vendors abiding by the rules. No tube socks will be found at a Vintage show! But, if you are selling your products at a regular old fashioned Flea Market, here are a few suggestions for items to sell and are easy to liquidate!

Books, magazines and comics. Even though books have gone digital, there is still nothing like a real page turner. Books, magazines and comics are major sellers on every platform and they can be sold for a pretty penny! Rare books or antique books are snapped up quickly, so you may have to do some research as to the value of your book before you set a price. Carrying books in excellent condition can get you a reputations that people will travel far to purchase your merchandise.

Vintage Housewares. Items from the 1950s are the rage right now and collectors are very savvy on their value. Know your prices! These items can be a little difficult to replenish because they are so popular right now. You may need pickers to help out. But Vintage housewares from the 70’s and 80’s are also catching some good prices and these are a bit easier to find for resale. If you find them in a full set, sell them as a full set. You can get top dollar for sets of anything.  

Clothing, accessories, costume jewelry. You don’t have to have a ton of clothing to sell to make decent money. If you display your clothing as a coordinated outfit from head to toe, you can become known as a local designer. Vintage clothing is very popular with all age groups. Scarves, hats and bauble jewelry are sold for solid prices. Purses and handbags are always popular especially if they have a designer label.

Cookies Cakes and other Baked Goods. Before you spend a week in the kitchen, check to see if you can sell food at the Flea Market and if you can, what kind of license, certificate or other requirements that you need. Sometimes, food at a Flea Market is a contract situation and they don’t want anyone else getting in on the food. If you can sell, consider homemade bread or banana loaf. Cookies and candies are always special and of course, you can become famous for fabulous cakes!

Painted and Repurposed Furniture are very popular items to sell. Because of the work, creativity and time, make sure you price your pieces properly. Once people see your furniture, they will come back to the Flea Market just to buy your art! Start out with small items like kid’s highchairs or end tables. They can fit in your vehicle and you can sell them for a lot less than a huge hutch.

Hand sewn clothing. Reworked shirts, blue jeans made into purses, handmade tutus and fluffy bathrobes are all items to consider. If you are a seamstress, the sky is the limit for what you can make. Hand paint a man’s shirt and sell it as an over jacket. Tie-dyed scarves and painted sneakers are popular. Fabric flowers may catch the eye of a bride to be. Just be particularly aware that Flea Markets are dusty, so you may want to keep clear plastic sheeting on top of your cloth displays.

Prints,Paintings and Greeting Cards. People get tired of nothing on their walls and look around at Flea Markets for something beautiful and unique. You don’t have to be a famous artist for someone to really like your work. Make prints of some of your pieces, add a mat around the picture to frame and wrap it up in clear cellophane. Prints are normally much cheaper than an original painting and can sell out quickly Add a greeting card of the same piece of art and they can buy it to frame also!

Toys. Whether old, new, slightly use, toys are an automatic crowd pleaser. If you set up the booth with toys at kid level, you will attract the children who have been dragged by their parents and are looking for things just for them. Train sets, dolls, teddy bears and toy trucks and cars sell well. If you are thinking about vintage toys, keep the collector in mind when setting a price.

When you have everything ready to go with plenty of product and knowledge of what is ahead, then you start marketing. Flea Markets usually do a great job of getting the word out there about where they are and the hours to shop. But your little booth is just one of hundreds of cute little booths. Tell all of your Facebook friends that you are open for business. Tell family and friends and co-workers. Post pictures of your items on all of your social media accounts and add shots during the day of how busy the place is and add short little stories about what is happening. This is YOUR business and you want the world to know how great it is! With just a little marketing effort, you can get people in the door, sell your interesting inventory, and have a very successful Flea Market booth!

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