Super Bowl 2014: Seahawks and Broncos

football Yesterday, January 19th, was an intense day for national football. The Seattle Seahawks faced off against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship title, and the Denver Broncos took on the New England Patriots for the AFC title. Both games were exhibitions of fierce athletic prowess, and both likely left some fans in a pit of emotional dismay, while other fans probably caroused in the streets. San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority even took cable and street cars off the roadways for the day, in anticipation of potential riotous activity after the game.

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The respective winners of each game, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Denver Broncos will face one another in Super Bowl 48 at METLife Stadium on February 2nd, in what, one can only imagine will be one of the chilliest Super Bowls ever. They will face off in front of about 82,500 screaming football fans in what has become one of the priciest games to attend in history. In fact the game has become so expensive that a football fan filed a lawsuit against the NFL earlier this month, for violating New Jersey state law. But that's another blogpost (click the link for more details).

Besides being the aftermath of a crazy day of football, today has a bigger purpose: to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today is a national holiday where people of all walks of life think about what this influential man achieved, and the impact it still has today, and will continue to have for years to come.

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