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floodMaybe bigger is better when it comes to your personal office.  Maybe it’s better to get a bigger mini-van when your “nest” is growing, or a bigger computer screen when your vision is getting poor.  But as far as storage auctioning is concerned, bigger crowds do not bode well for a person looking to enjoy the most success they can in this business.

Most news stories being run lately about storage auctions share a common theme: because of reality TV, the storage unit market is getting increasingly flooded with would-be high rollers and treasure hunters.  If you have been hearing this same old tired message about this tsunami of beginners, I wouldn't be too concerned.

For any of the projected problems that arise from an over-flooded market, Storage Unit Auction List is going to provide you with paddles and rainbows.  Read on to find out how.

Then Came the Flood

So what are the recent reporters parroting on about exactly?  Let’s start with a general example.  Over a year ago, an extremely popular TV casting company called Metal Flower Media posted ads seeking personalities for upcoming spin offs of Storage Wars in New York City and Miami (if you have been following the blog closely lately, I do promise that this topic will be extinguished for a good while).  With recent corroborations by Storage War's Barry Weiss that this new show will run soon, what could it possibly mean for the auction world?

Simply put, when these shows launch, we will have a total of five shows on storage hunting, and if New York TV networks can’t put a contrived air of highly suggestive drama and hype around a business, I don’t know who can.  Add Miami in the mix, and we will be looking at an insane new throng of auction goers cropping up nationwide, elongating auction times and jacking up bids.

That would be the worst case scenario.  It’s what the doom-saying media would want you to believe.  And they do have a point, at least in essence.

How Storageunitauctionlist Can Help: We offer an expansive variety of storage auction listings, not just the popular, over-saturated ones found on general websites.  You’re going to have a much better edge on the competition by having access to auctions all throughout the week, and at all times.  Sometimes its good to go with the crowd, but in this case, you might want to make like Fleetwood Mac and “go your own way.”  Our website can help pave the way back to more grassroots type auctions.


To hammer this point home, Paulo Maglio, the president of a Boston area auctioneering company “Storage Auction Solutions,” recently told Boston.com that “fifty percent more bidders are showing up at auctions,” and consequently, that “winning bids have risen by 20 to 40 percent.”

man rescuing kittens in floodThese are some numbers we can hang our hat on.  Most importantly, this data dispels the conspiratorial notions that storage auctions have been inalterably invaded by the shiny faced, would-be masses.  When it's a worst case scenario, twenty to forty percent is not that bad.  If you know a unit is going to be worth your while, then it is best to win it at a slightly higher bid than not at all.

Another Paddle We Offer: Along with dates, times, and specific locations of auctions all throughout the country, another key factor we list that you should pay attention to on your profile is the “number of units” column.

For example, the auction location could be advantageously obscure, but there are only two units available.  Will it be worth the travel?

Or, the converse: the auction location could seem like a potentially “blown up” spot, but there are fifteen units available.  The point of this business is to sharpen your unit appraisal skills and make “value bids” based on what you can tell you stand to gain.  Even if the flock of TV shows is bringing in more and more beginners, a promising locker is still a promising locker.

The more units we’ve ensured you, the longer you can bide your time at an auction to go in for the kill and show the beginners how it’s done.

The Laws They Are a Changin'

Not only is the popularity of our industry growing tremendously, but you can bet that auctioneering companies and storage facilities are re-configuring their policies to ebb this tide.  In an article ingenuously entitled “Storage Auctions Changing” posted recently on KATV.com (a major new source for the Arkansas area), the author notes a few minute changes that are occurring in their state to keep the crowds under control.

  1. 5 dollar entrance fees are being charged by some companies to keep away loiterers and reality show junkies.
  2. Preliminary online sign-ups are sometimes being instated to draw only the most enthused auction goers.

All of these changes are good for a pro like you because they ensure quality control.  With all of the logistical information our website provides, you should have no problem targeting your ideal auction and being one of the first on any quota list.

To boot, we have a 9-5 call center that can always let you know if an auction is slated to be cancelled, because sometimes it does happen.  For smaller auctions, or if you are planning to travel a ways, it would be wise to call us before you depart and find out.

titanicOne Last Way SUAL Can Keep You Adrift: Our state-by-state listings can give you breathing room to travel to neighboring states and avoid the over-saturated ones.  For example, New Englanders with a Storage Unit Auction List account can pay for access to auctions all throughout their neighboring states, a short commute for a potentially huge payoff.  People can get as excited as they want about a New York based Storage Wars, but can you imagine how competitive it could get in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Because after all, if you are going to be a pro at this, the last place you want to be is gathered around a crowd of eager looking David Hester clones when the auctioneer sidles up the microphone and tells you the renter just eked out a last minute check for their balance and that the auction is over.

And that’s when the sky opens up and the rain hits.

Sure, our practice is flourishing like no other, largely in part because of the shows.  Although the storage veterans of yesteryear undoubtedly resent the sight of shiny faced neophytes, don’t let the conservatives discourage you.

In a sense, this is what TV is for: exposure to worlds and ideas that are inaccessible otherwise.  Stay on the cutting edge and get a profile with SULA and we promise that you will laugh in the face of the mounting multitudes, the policy changes, and the over-imaginative media.  Happy hunting.


David Gross, SUAL Content Writer



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