Swip Swap - A Facebook Adventure Part 2

Swip Swap: A Facebook Adventure Part 2

Hometown Love

At the moment, I belong to 30 different Swip Swap Groups ...  all based in my little town!!

Most of the Swip Swap sites I belong to are developed by folks who live in MY town and they are just for folks who live in MY town.

When you post an item for sale, you will probably sell it to someone you know or a neighbor or friends from the grocery store!!!

Swip Swap has been set up to be a very friendly "hometown" atmosphere site!!

Some Groups are set up just for Artists and Handmade Items.

Other Groups are set up for Antiques and Vintage.

And others are for selling everything including clothes, cars, and boats.

And still others for selling everything except clothes, cars, and boats.


One site I belong to on Swip Swap  is only for buying and selling Furniture. Each group has it's own special nuances and this one is no different!!  I know if I buy something on this site, I will need to pick it up.  The item needs to fit in my car or I will need to find someone with a truck!  This definitely influences what I buy!!!  I have found though, if I want something badly enough, for an additional fee, the seller may actually deliver it to my door!!!!



First things First!!!  If you have started your own Swip Swap site, then you are ready to go!!!

Some sites allow anyone to sell their items.  But, if you want to be a "member" of another Swip Swap site, you may have to wait to be "accepted" by the Administrator!   This could take a matter of minutes.  On occasion, it may take a couple of days.  Just remember, by being a member of a group, Spam is eliminated and strange groups or people from strange countries can not sell strange things!!!

Once you have been accepted by a Swip Swap group, then you can post a picture in exactly the same way that you would post a picture on your Facebook page.  Add a description and a PRICE before you hit post and you will be ready to go into business!!!!


Blue Moon Pillow
Hand made * Hand sewn * Hand painted * Hand stuffed
Can be put on chair or bed
Or hung on the wall
20” high by 13” wide
rocking chair 1
Wooden Rocking Chair
Rocks smoothly and sits low
Shabby Chic Style (pillows, cushions and dolls NOT included)
girls jewelry tiered plate1    
Jewelry Plate
Hand made * Hand glued * Hand designed
Can be used for jewelry or candy or cupcakes
8” High 8” Wide
3 bowl caddy1
$15 each set
3 Bowl Caddy
Used for salad dressings, condiments, candies
Used in our Restaurant
Have 6 sets


So, you have posted an item, a picture, a description and  ... suddenly,
You have a comment or an offer on your item!!
By making comments back and forth or through private message,
A price is settled upon.
A location to meet is agreed upon. 
You agree to meet at a McDonalds or Target's parking lot or at the Library -
Somewhere comfortable for both parties and very Public. ( just being on the safe side here!)
The sales are always in cash and the price is agreed upon BEFORE meeting.
And…..You have cash in your pocket from a SWIP SWAP SALE!!!!


Another scenario (and this happens occasionally):
You post a picture and description and  ... no one responds. 
You wait and wait and wait. 
And notice that your listed item moves DOWN the page as others post their items after you!
The Trick to this dilemma is to go to your item and hit “like” and then make a comment on your own item.
Your comment can be an additional description or a word such as  BUMP, OK, COOL, NICE or a symbol such as  *, ^. # .
Then refresh the page and Voila!!!!
You are back to the top again!!!
Just remember that you need to check the rules of the site.
Some Swip Swaps only let you “Bump” to the top once every 12 hours, whereas others will let you “Bump” constantly!
Shutterstock/Stephen Marques



I’ve been selling on Swip Swaps for almost a year now just trying to sell some of the things I have won at Auction with Storage Unit Auction List,  And even though I was quite active on Craigslist at the same time,  I found Swip Swap to be so much easier to watch what was happening to my items and who was actually interested in my stuff!!! It is easy to contact an interested party and handle any questions, But as a buyer, it is very easy to just keep scrolling and “shopping!!!" It’s also easier to find something I am looking for something in particular because I can just post on a Swip Swap page that I am looking for an item and the next thing I know, I have several sellers posting that they have what I want, a picture and a price!!! And….being still so HOT in Florida, Swip Swap is so much more pleasant than sweating my way through flea markets!!!! I will just wait until October to make my way back to those events!!!

Remember, as you venture into Swip Swap Land, each site  has its own set of rules and regulations and are posted at the top of each group.  Read these before participating.



Here are a few of the Swip Swaps that I participate in just to give you an idea:




Until Next Time!!!

Keep on Junkin’!


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