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It's Friday and everyone deserves to take a break on Friday mornings, right? Whether you're standing in front of the water cooler, still in your pajamas, or heading to your next storage auction! That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite videos, and news stories of the week that will make you smile. So treat yourself, and take a few minutes to read, belly laugh, and then share the wealth!

Want to Work for Sparefoot?

Check out this great Youtube video from our friends at Sparefoot! Obviously the guys at Sparefoot are wonderful and are going for the big laugh in the video, but one of the awesome things about being your own boss and running your own resale business by attending storage auctions is that you get to hold the proverbial bull horn? Am I right?


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Ground Hog's Day

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At Metro Self Storage in Charleston New York, last week it was Ground Hog's Day all over again when the company had an unexpected visitor. It's unclear where the groundhog came from, but it spent the better part of a day running circles around the facilities parking lot.

Employees weren't sure what to make of the animal, and at first believed they had a friendly beaver on their hands. According to  facility manager Kelly McLoughlin, she was amused by the animal’s presence and demeanor. "He seemed very friendly,” she said. “He kept going around in circles. He seemed like he was a little lost."

However, after the animal scared away at least one customer who didn't want to cross his path, the local police were called to collect the animal and to set him free in nearby woods.

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Some of you may remember when we previously wrote about Storage 24. It was a horror movie slated to come out towards the end of January that had just about everything but the kitchen sink. The plot of the movie had to to with a couple and their friends trapped inside a storage facility after hours during a hostile alien take over following a plane crash. Storage unit. Plane crash. Alien murder spree....sign me up.


But now, we're reporting on an all new movie with storage auctions and self storage at its core.

“Boxed In,” a short film about a reclusive self-storage manager who must overcome his phobias to save a friend, received a screening at the Roxie Theater on July 13 as part of the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival. The film is directed by Naga Kataru, a former Google engineer who graduated from the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking (SFSDF).

Naga worked for two years on the film before premiering it at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (HRIFF) last December. Ever since, the film has played at several film festivals around the US and recently won The FreeStyle Life's Audience award for the 2013 Best Short film. The inspiration for Boxed In stemmed from Kataru’s research into what else goes on at self-storage facilities other than people storing their stuff. Originally conceived as a documentary, Kataru turned it into a short film about a reclusive self-storage facility manager who is forced to face his fears.

I wasn't able to find any information on the release of the short to the larger market, but I"ll keep my eyes peeled and keep you updated!

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