The Best Storage Auction Lists in Life Aren't Free

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Ironically, the old maxim “you get what you pay for” does not apply to winning storagetotem pole units, because you more often than not get far more than what you pay for. That’s what people love about this business, the extremely high profit margins for small investments and a little bit of hard resale work.

However, that old saying does apply to which storage auction data list you choose. For all of you who are still resisting because of the modest monthly fee we charge, we’d like to break down for you how our website has, since its genesis in early 2011, far surpassed other “free” websites and why our auction data gathering methods, interactive website, and sheer quantity of the best auction data out there makes your small subscription fee well worth it.

Simply put, we couldn’t provide you an auction data list website in a league of its own without charging something. Since this is not a cry for attention, we won’t bore you to death with any grandfatherly, “money doesn’t grow on trees” monologue. Let’s just look at a few categories for which we employee people that other similar sites simply do not, and in turn explain how you can easily make your subscription fee back at a single auction.

Our Live Customer Servicecustomer service

When something is wrong with your web browser capability on our site, we troubleshoot it with a simple phone call. If you want to know anything at all about the auction scene in your particular state, we are there to chat with you until you have had your fill of information. If you want to sign up for another neighboring state, place a simple call and we can do the work for you. If you want to report anything sub-par goings on with any of our affiliate storage facilities, like questionable units or unwarranted cancellations, we are right there with you and seek to resolve your issue to make sure it never happens again. All of these needs are met with live represenatives, as well as live chat reps, if that’s your style.

Don’t you want to know that your auction data provider is in your corner, the moment you need them, with no mistakes and expert information on the fly? That’s what we pay our representatives for, both at home and abroad.

Our Unbeatable, State of the Art Websitemap of america

I’m sure most of you, if you’re not a subscriber already, have at least taken a sample tour of the new website, Storageunitauctionlist 2.0, which we offer to anybody. To the laymen, let’s just say its fun. And by fun, we mean it makes the auction locating process interactive, simplistic, and enjoyable.

Something brand new we pride ourselves on is allowing users to link any storage facility data directly to their cell phone, where they can receive text message updates on auctions happening soon. This decreases the time spent logging onto the internet and more time to work storage auctions into your life.

Because we partner with 51,000+ storage facilities, a feature found nowhere else in the industry but here is the Browse By Facility feature. Pick your town, then pick the facility that you know of off the top of your head, and we generate an instantaneous list of upcoming auctions there, always including those within a nearby radius of that storage facility. In essence, we slim the list dow to exactly where you live and how far you are willing to travel to attend an auction.

A novel aspect of our data list alone is that we seek to create interactivity by combining an a calendar, a visual map with linked auction data, and a timeline slider that reshuffles the map itself to reflect auction data for the upcoming day or week of your choosing, even if it’s a month in advance. There’s a lot ofways to skin a cat, and we have strived to program each of our subscribers personal auction browsing styles into 2.0.

And the buck doesn’t stop there. We regularly maintain our website, performing browser testing, quality control, loading speed optimization, and performance monitoring continually to make sure its always a smooth flight through

More Auctions than Anyone and Surefire Auction Data

Because we are what we claim to be, the most thorough and nationwide storage auction site out there, we know we can’t just give you an auction a week in the biggest major metropolitan area in your home state. So, it’s the long hard road for us, and well worth it. On a daily basis, we utilize every communication medium available to collect, verify, and list auction data from 51,000+ facilities in the United States, directly from the facility owner’s mouth.

Not only does that trump the nearest competiting website by double the sources, but it’s also about data integrity. Any website can aggregate auction itineraries from other secondary, untested online sources or piecemeal from newspapers, then when the auction date or location is wrong, tell you that you’re getting what you pay for (or not tell you, since most of them don’t have customer service lines).

That’s why the best things in life are rarely free, and why we employee data collectors at home and abroad to communicate directly with self-storage managers. To boot, we return communication to them 48 hours prior to the auction to make sure those prized units are still up for grabs. This process is thorough and ongoing, a process that takes more than a small investment to maintain and get right.

The Best Way to Put Your Monthly Fee Back in Your Pocket

If you aren’t subscribed to us yet, then we are making a promise that it is incredibly easy to make back the 5 to 20 dollars you spend monthly to get access to our data. Our year-round subscribers attest to the fact that they make profits on 80 percent or more of the units they buy if you exert a little patience and wait for a winner. Your job is to breath easy and know that you don’t have to use another source to find auction a whole week from now, all the while growing frustrated with your stagnant inventory of auction treasure.

Our endless banquet of data is offering you the opportunity to attend auctions frequently and select only winning units, from a one-stop source, so you don’t "get stuck in the casino,” overbidding on units just to win but finding yourself in the hole overall. If you’re new at this, you want to give yourself the best head-start available so that when you quickly find yourself getting better and better, richer and richer, the pocket-change you pay us might as well be free.

That head-start source is clearly We’re not selling scratch tickets. Winning twenty dollars on a unit is sub-par outing. We have subscribers who have literally quit their day job and are off to the races on a thrill ride that "Storage Wars" is only scratching the surface of.

To sign up, visit or call 800.353.8417 to learn the storage-auction ins and outs of your home state today!


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