The Fashion Wars of Storage Wars: Part II!

Since I had so much fun writing The Fashion Wars of Storage Wars featuring Brandi and Barry, I decided to do another installment! It's Friday, right? Might as well have some fun!

Today I'll be featuring two unlikely candidates. Let's see who's the victor in this fashion war!

Representing Men's Fashion: Dave Hester

dave hesterDave Hester: a man many of us love to hate and hate to love. Arguably the fiercest buyer on the show, Dave isn't one to mess around...and his fashion sense (or lack thereof) proves just as much. Dave can be seen wearing his signature all black work clothing, emblazoned with his store brand, Newport Consignment Gallery. Sometimes, if he's feeling daring, he'll switch it up a little. Maybe he'll wear shorts and matching black shoes and socks. Maybe he'll wear his classic YUUUP! hat. And maybe, if he's feeling really edgy, he'll rock some sunglasses. But that's about as far as Dave goes fashion-wise. Yeah...he's pretty boring, isn't he?

But I've got to give Dave credit where credit is due: he puts his game before anything else. While most people are trying to look their trendiest with the season's latest looks, Dave is simply making a statement about his business. Sure, he's gone a little insane with the shameless self promotion and trademarking a word and whatnot: but you know what, it works. Yuuup! is a phrase that instantly makes you think Dave Hester.

And, if you think that Dave is a trend setter and you wanna steal his fresh look, lucky you! You can buy your very own yuuup! gear in his shop. Dave, you clever mogul, you.

Representing Women's Fashion: Nabila Haniss

Nabila HanissWatch out Brandi--looks like you've got some competition! Nabila Haniss (featured here with a fan) is a relatively new face on Storage Wars, but don't underestimate her; she's been at this game for a while. In fact, you may have heard about Nabila without even knowing it--she is the infamous storage hunter who bought a unit that belonged to socialite Paris Hilton, and made a quick $10 million off of it. It was a sensational scandal, but thanks to that publicity, Nabila is sitting pretty.

So what's Nabila wearing? Ironically enough, she's toting a black tshirt that's just as self indulgent as Dave's. Go Team Nabila! But really, who doesn't want to wear a shirt advertising how awesome they are? With their self-promoting attitudes, it's no wonder that Nabila and Dave get along.

Nabila gets some extra points from me, however, because at least she broke up the black-on-black look with a pair of casual, classic blue jeans. Sometimes looking at Dave is like looking into a black hole, so Nabila's outfit is, in my opinion, a little easier on the eyes. And those sneakers are cute, functional, and look pretty comfy.

And The Winner Is....??? think we need a tie breaker, because nobody's winning a fashion war wearing these outfits. Sorry, guys. These outfits are great for a day at the storage auction, so don't get me wrong...but they don't necesarily make for a good blog post.

So, when all else fails, let's go to the red carpet! Paparazzi! Flashing lights! Celebrities! Glitz and glam! We're bound to find some stylish looks here, right?

Dave's Red Carpet Look:

dave hester on the red carpet

Hmm. You know that saying "you can dress him up, but you can't take him out"? Well, Dave's the other way around: you can take him out, but you can't dress him up. At least he didn't wear shorts. But still: ZERO POINTS.


Nabila's Red Carpet Look:

nabila on the red carpet

Okay, NOW we're talkin'! This is how you rock the red carpet! I absolutely love all of the red accents, especially the flower in her hair that perfectly matches the dress. And the cut of the dress itself is super daring. To me, this is an outfit that says "I'll kick your butt at the storage auction, and on the red carpet"! And Miss Nabila, that's exactly what you did. TEN OUT OF TEN!


Nabila Haniss! No contest. While both of these storage hunters have some similar fashion tastes on the field, it looks like Nabila knows how to clean up well. But friends--I wouldn't suggest wearing this dress to the auction. As much as the fashionista in me hates to say it, stick to your Team Nabila shirts and your YUUUP hats. You'll be much happier and much comfier.

Wow. Who knew that the world of storage hunting could be such a fashionable place?

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