The Legacy of Scarface

Al Capone. The name alone sparks some form of recognition of most people, if not everyone. Capone was one of the most famous figures of the Gangland era and his eventual downfall due to tax evasion remains to be one of the most entertaining stories in American History. You may be wondering what this has to do with auctions and we are glad that you ask. Recently, at RR Auction, there was an auction of gangland memorabilia with some truly amazing items.


Serving Time....and Telling it in Style

One of the most interesting items that sold was a pocket watch belonging to Al Capone himself. The pocket watch was triangular, made of platinum, and studded with diamonds. The piece of history was auctioned off for the low price of $84,375. The chain on the watch was made from 14-karat white gold and had Capone's initials formed by 26 diamonds. The watch itself had over 100 diamonds and reflected the lavish lifestyle that most mob bosses lived during this time.  The expected going rate for this item was around $25,000 and it is safe to say that the bidding far surpassed this estimate.

Other Notable Items!

The other items that were auctioned off of note include: death masks of John Dillinger, various Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia, and a brick from the St Valentines Day Massacre in 1929. Another Capone item was also sold, an original manuscript of a musical composition called Humoresque. This particular piece of music was written by Capone while he was imprisoned within Alcatraz and sold for just under $20,000. The lesson to be learned here is that these items are still out and about in circulation and no one ever knows what might show up in that next auction that you head off to.

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