The Republican Storage Hunter-in-Chief Race (Part 2 of 2)

The Republican Primaries were grueling and all knotted up for a while, butrepublican storage hunters there can only be one Storage Hunter in Chief emerging from the pack.  Yesterdays blog wove a story of some of the less effective bidding personas who dropped their hat in the ring.  Now, let's look at those who won America over with well orchestrated bidding campaigns.


::The Ron Paul (Auction Prophet)::

Ron Paul

For "The Ron Paul" bidder, the definition of winning is no longer about the obvious elements of profit, respect, and power.  Indeed, this type of auction hunter has seen so many units and played them his own way since the genesis of the profession that he has done something that many other candidates cannot: gain the respect of other Storage Hunter in Chief candidates, even if they secretly think he is mildly insane.

He is the nostalgic, yet progressive auction guru who can be seen on the outskirts of a bidding crowd, waxing forth about the old days of a sound auction economy, where bidders weren’t spending themselves into the ground and barrowing federal money just to keep up with bid inflation.  He has not retired from office, but he has retired into the realm of idealism.  The Ron Paul bidder seeks to get the industry back on its feet by bringing the spending frenzy to a complete halt.

Where his die hard buyers dote on every piece of merchandise he sells them, and many high profile bidders like The Gingrich and The Santorum admire his devotion to the principles that got storage hunting off of the ground, the majority are much too caught up in more pressing issues, like resale and auction location (read: Job Creation and Iran), to see The Ron Paul as being relevant enough to the Post-Storage Wars landscape.

Worse, The admiration for "The Auction Prophet" within the Conservative Bidder Party for the Ron Paul sorely diminished when he began "dropping lockers" on fellow candidates around him late in the storage race, making examples of his colleagues.  The majority of buyers see this renegade behavior as far too divisive and would prefer to see a leader who can play well with others, or at least by some of the rules.

::The Santorum (Bidding Warrior)::

Rick Santorum

"The Santorum" bidder knows how to truly fuse active auction going to community outreach.  This type of bidder enjoys success early in their career; especially because buyers believe they have an impeccable selling record.  This is a fact he will not shy away from reminding everybody of, in every item posting on EBay (often in all caps).

Yet, the record clearly shows that The Santorum enjoys massive profits precisely because he has “done the right thing” all along the way.  Although in a tough buying crowd for Republicans in Pennsylvania, his unbeatable resale prices and conservative spending on units have won the hearts of the people there.  Having his hand in every major sector, from Craigslist, to EBay, to the flea markets, The Santorum is a young-gun who never rests and never compromises quality for shortcuts.

At the auctions, he is a tight, strong bidder.  When he scours a unit with a keen eye for rough value, he knows immediately that he will be in it to the end.  The Santorum does not back down from a dog fight nor does he get involved in one without knowing that he has correctly appraised a unit.

Yet, in an economy where people aren’t buying (“voting”) for reasons much more deep seated than lack of customer service, The Santorum’s only drawback is that he is an up and comer who needs to give himself better exposure, preferably by opening his own resale store.

More critically, buyers sometimes question his ability to loosen up, to go out on a limb and be the Hunter in Chief to fit the times.  Many feel the The Santorum needs to constantly remind himself about his locker winning record in order to believe in his own efforts. In a nation that is googley eyed for personal branding, a familiar face is what the people want, a full-fledged store manager, who, by his own ceaseless admission, “understands the private sector and knows how resale is created.” 

Which brings us to our front-runner…

::The Romnulator (Innovative, Moderate Manager)::

Mitt Romney

If there is an auction candidate out there who has gotten where he is through the “try, try again” mentality, it is "The Romnulator." Sure, he started out his auction hunting career with silver lined pockets, but it was proper investing and hard work which got him to that level of success. Needless to say, it has been a challenged path to dominance for this front running storage candidate.

The Romnulator went to a prestigious Massachusetts university, obtaining Master’s degrees in both Lien Laws and Storage Business Administration.  It was this marriage of these two disciplines which opened a window of opportunity for him to gather the most high caliber inventory from the get-go, co-founding Bain Capital, a company with stock in dozens of resale outlets.

Indeed, The Romnulator understands that focusing on the much larger auction picture is the recipe for success.  Just being another “one unit at a time,” feast and famine bidder was never the game plan.  The Romnulator is wise in that he has assembled a massive network to do his bidding and resale for him.  He entered into storage hunting (i.e. politics) with plenty of personal revenue to attack multiple auction fronts at a time, a model that is not easy to come by but which works best.

To be Storage Hunter in Chief, buyers need to understand that The Romnulator has always worked under a compromised climate.  Leading Massachusetts, an auction state that is extremely liberal in its auction ethics and policies, the Romnulator has been on record saying that he has always considered himself to be a “moderate conservative bidder with progressive ideas.”  To claim he is a model, Conservative bidder who wishes to give the lion’s share of control back to the individual bidder/buyer is just misrepresenting his track record.

One can look The Romnulator's shifting social views as flip-flopping or reach-across-the aisle tactics.  It all just depends on whether you've decided to buy the inventory that he is selling.  For the record, you may have noticed that this trade takes a little bit of "salesmanship," too.

He has the personal fiscal success to prove his worth, but does he have the leadership to create wealth for the rest of the auction world?  Does only four years (2002-2006) in the auction hunting arena (politics) guarantee that the Romnulator should have veto power over the Lien Laws of every American state?  Can the front-runner get bid inflation down and resale prices more uniform across the country?

Now that the gloves with The Santorum are off for good, time will soon tell.

November 2012 will tell who will reign supreme as Storage Hunter in Chief.  In the meantime, hopefully you as a practitioner can read between the lines here and see that each and every candidate exhibits good and bad traits of an auction hunter, public figure, and a self-employed business owner, all of which you can apply to your own storage hunting campaigns.



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