Think Outside the Locker

Triva TuesdayWhen you’re considering where to go on the hunt in the world of storage unit auctions, we have always maintained that the more research you do on the area you find yourself in, the better your chances for success. While the facility down the street from you is saving you time, travel expenses, and the stress of being the new kid on the block, there are few more deliverables on a quick drive down the street.

It is certainly a risk to cross state lines multiple times for a 10-locker auction 13 hours away. It is intimidating and nerve-racking; but, if that’s where there’s a hot bed of transients and/or a high median household income, it just might be worth your while.

It’s a rare day when we get the inside scoop on a phantom locker that was indirectly owned by the disgruntled employee of a Grammy-winning artist who swiped a few statues on his or her way out the door. And it's not everyday that you strike gold, either. So start reading up on some factors that you might not have initially considered in this process. There’s a solid chance that your competition has overlooked these variable, too.

To help get those outside-of-the-box juices flowing, and hopefully send you closer to your next big score, here’s Tuesday’s Trivia question:

I’m gonna leave you all to your own devices on this one, especially after holding your hand all the way through last week’s Tuesday post, but is looking for the most transient metropolitan area in the country. That is to say, “Which city has the most people coming in and out of it; and, conversely, has the fewest residents that were born there?” Let us know what you come up with and how you got that info. Share the love! Besides, we’re all trying to learn new ways and approaches to this auction game that put us in the driver seat with the most advantages. If anyone out there has a solid quip about some specified bit of information that led to the big score during your auction travels, put it up here and let us live vicariously through your good fortune.

As the holiday time rapidly approaches, a nice, new coffee mug from us would sure help with that inevitable-too-much-egg-nog-last-night feeling come the 26th…just saying.

Have a great day out there, everybody; and we’ll see you later on in the week.

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