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Happy Saturday! Take a load off and kick back with the best of the week in storage hunting!

Haz-Mat Team Called in to Clean up Tea Spill

tea flavoringsYep, you read that right. In an event as epic as the Boston Tea Party (er...maybe), firefighters, police, and responders from the county health department were called into a Washington state storage unit after receiving news of a suspicious red liquid leaking out from a storage unit. After about four hours, the five gallon spill of the unidentified, petroleum-like liquid was finally contained. Upon contacting the locker tenant about it, the storage facility owners were told that it was a chemical used in making tea. Yes, a CHEMICAL used in making TEA. As far as my understanding as a tea drinker carries don't need chemicals to make tea. It's always been tea leaves plus boiling water, and maybe some milk or sugar or honey, if you're feeling daring...but now they're adding a potentially hazardous, bright red chemical that smells like petroleum? Something doesn't seem right here. The case is being further investigated, but the tenant owner is sure to get slammed for storing hazardous chemicals in a storage unit.

Grandma in a Storage Unit

And no, we're not talking about an urn full of ashes. Early this year, a body of an elderly woman was found in a plywood coffin in a Florida storage facility. Forensic investigators have identified the woman as  Ann Bunch. Apparently, the woman had died and her body was stored by her daughter Bobbie Hancock, who did not have the money to transport her body to her desired final resting place in Alabama. Instead, Hancock rented a storage unit where she kept the body until she defaulted on making payments. The gruesome scene was discovered by U-Haul facility owners who went to put the unit up for auction. According to her daughter and ex-husband, Hancock had struggled with hoarding and most likely stored her mother's body for fear of losing her. While the improper storage of human remains is illegal, Hancock has since passed away and thus, no charges were filed. Hancock now rests next to her mother in an Alabama cemetery.

storage wars texasStorage Wars: Texas Returns on October 10th

Mark your calendars, reality TV fans! The not as pretty, not as charming, southwestern sister series of Storage Wars comes back with brand new episodes on October 10th at 9:30/8:30C. The series kick starts with an episode called "Aust-in Translastion" which takes place in--you guessed it--the city of Austin, Texas...or as A&E so fondly describes it: "home to a multitude of proudly eclectic weirdoes". Woah, keep it above the belt, A&E! Since the show premiered in 2011, it has seen its share of criticism compared to the original, and has had a relatively large turnover in cast members. Lesa Lewis and Jerry Simpson have since been replaced with younger, prettier buyers Mary and Jenny, and former Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams is nowhere to be seen. I wonder what kind of gimmick is in store for this season...perhaps the cast members will  discover treasures from The Lost City of Atlantis...or maybe they'll find Elvis Presley living in a storage unit, proving once and for all that he's still alive! Anything goes on this show...and remember, kids: what happens in Texas, stays in Texas.

See you all on Monday!

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