This Week in the World of Storage Hunting

hide and seekWhat's cookin' this week in storage auction world? Let's find out!

Storage Unit Hide 'n' Seek

Note to all criminals: do not hide in storage units; you will get caught. I mean, think about it--unless you've somehow dug yourself an escape route into the cement ground, there's no way out once you're in. But this didn't stop Damian John Ristau of Minnesota from trying. Ristau's girlfriend had allegedly locked him inside of a storage unit in order to hide him from his outstanding warrant for possessing illegal firearms. After the police caught wind of his not-so-clever hiding place, they headed over to the storage facility where they found the unit unlocked, with the girlfriend sitting on a mattress (hey, don't you know it's illegal to live in a storage unit?!). While the girlfriend swore to the police she had no idea where Ristau was, a quick search of the storage unit found Ristau hiding under a blanket in the corner. I don't know about you all, but I learned at a very young age that hiding under blankets to avoid getting into trouble never works.

Americans Protect Their Right to Resell

An upcoming Supreme Court case, Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, involves a college student, Kirtsaeng, who sold his college text books on eBay to cover tuition costs. Because these books were published overseas in Kirtsaeng's home of Thailand, John Wiley & Sons has claimed that he broke U.S. copyright laws by selling the books and is now suing him for $600,000 in damages-- 15 times more than what Kirtsaeng made off of the books. If Kirtsaeng is found guilty, this could mean some serious changes for the resale business: in order to sell or even donate goods that were not made in the U.S., one would need to obtain permission from the original copyright holder before doing anything. Lending out books from public libraries could even become illegal! Since this is obviously one of the most ridiculous things ever imagined, eBay and have teamed up to gather signatures for a petition against these strict laws. So far, they have over 150,000 signatures and counting. Make sure you sign the petition to help maintain your rights as a reseller!

contest SUALStorage Unit Auction List Contest: "What's Your Best Score?"

In case you haven't heard the amazing news, we're holding a contest here at! We want to see pictures of your best storage auction finds, so send them on in! We've already received some pretty amazing photos, so competition will be tough! The contest ends on November 11th and the winner will be announced on November 19th. Yeah yeah, I know--get to the good part! What do you win?! Well....the grand prize winner will receive a free lifetime subscription to for one state of your choice! Click the link to find out what other fabulous prizes are available. Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!

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