This Week in the World of Storage Hunting : Halloween Edition!

Hey all! It's the last Saturday before Halloween! And you know what that means....things are about to get really scary around here (sort of...okay, not really).

Here's the scariest news of the week. Enjoy!

Monster Mash in a Storage Facility

scary clown and hearse

Facility manager Misty Schulte of National Self Storage in Tucson, AZ is set to convert her facility into a haunted house, complete with scary clowns, hearses, and of course, tons of candy. Each year around Halloween, Misty invites the local community to her storage facility to get their spook on with her haunted storage facility. You'll find a live DJ, a moon bounce, face painting, tons of games and prizes, monsters, and much, much more. All profits from this event are donated to local schools, and what's more, Misty offers coupons and specials from other local businesses in order to spread the local love. Visit the link above to find out more information on this great event!


Horror Movie "Self Storage" Purchased by Screen Media Films

self storage movieA while back, we reported on a horror movie in production that takes place in a storage facility. Well, that very film, simply entitled Self Storage, is now in post-production and was just purchased by Screen Media Films. "It was sold on just its 90 second trailer, that's how good this film is," says Chad A. Verdi, producer of the film. Wow. Sounds like somebody's confident about it! As we reported before, the movie follows the story of a young storage facility night watchman (played by director Tom DeNucci) who throws a party for his college friends that goes horribly awry when something--or someone--starts killing off the party patrons. Will the movie be as good as Verdi claims? Who knows, but I'm not holding him to it. Self Storage is set to be released in March, you know, because nothing screams "violent horror movie" better than early Spring weather.


A Very A&E Halloween

fake beardAre you still at a loss as to what you're going to be for Halloween? Time's running out, so you have to think quick. Fear not! The folks at A&E TV Network, home of Storage Wars, have got you covered! If you want to dress up as everyone's favorite storage auction mogul, you can head on over the Dave Hester's shop and get your very own authentic, all-black yuuup! gear. Or, if that's not really your style and you're looking for something a little fresher, you can always pick up some Outlaw Apparel endorsed by Jarrod Schulz. Or, if you're tired of Storage Wars completely but still want to show your love for A&E (and keep your face warm), you can simply buy one of the several styles of Duck Dynasty beards directly from the A&E shop. Hmm. I am simply lost for words on this one.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Remember, this is the one night of the year where it's perfectly okay to take candy from strangers!

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