'Tis (Almost) the Season

Give written chalkboardWho says you have to wait for the end of December to do right by your community? Certainly not Amazing Spaces Storage Center in Houston, TX. They joined forces with Texas Self Storage Association (TSSA) back in 2004 just a few years after the TSSA started to "Make a Difference" in their community. Every year since its inception, members have been asked to join in the holiday spirit and donate a dollar each to the fundraising efforts. All of the money is donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Shriners is a collection of 22 health care systems specializing on pediatric care. For everything from cleft palates to spinal cord injuries, Shriners' care covers the gamut of pediatric care provided in a family based environment.As if that wasn't powerful enough, these services are provided regardless of a patient's ability to pay.

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Amazing Spaces began this year's fundraiser the beginning of September and raised $874 from its customers and the surrounding communities. As a symbol of gratitude, something we could all be little more expressive of, they matched that amount and donated a total of $1748.00 to Shriners. While the amount might not seem earth-shattering to some, it's truly a powerful message. By asking each individual to donate only $1.00, not only is participation a little easier to swallow regardless of where you're at financially; it's a glaring example of just how much can be accomplished when a group of like-minded people put their efforts together for those who need a little assistance.

thanksBy following this simple and modest formula, this powerhouse partnership has raised $350,000.00 for their benefactor. I know its Trivia Tuesday, but with everything going on in the world, I thought a little perspective might be a solid way to transition in to the upcoming holidays. Something to think about, folks. Maybe store some extra turkeys in a storage locker and distribute them by a local shelter; take some of those packaging blankets, or the top quality comforters from your recently acquired storage unit, and start handing them out in the park by your house. It's getting cold out there.


Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody. Get there and back safe.




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