Trash or Treasure?


As a storage auction hunter, you will regularly come across items in storage units that you're not familiar with. When you are busy trying to quickly sort everything at a self storage facility, it may be easy to overlook valuable items and to mistake these for trash. Some items are obviously trash. These items should be disposed of. Don't waste your time sifting through bags of garbage. It's a dirty job and won't you much of a return on investment.  However, you may be deceived by other items that seem to be worthless, but in fact, can be sold to the right buyer.

Never throw out any items until you've done your research! Researching an item may simply mean spending half an hour scrolling through the pages of Ebay in search of a similar item to get a fair market price, or it may include an in depth appraisal that details the history and quality of an item. This depends on how much time and energy you're willing to spend on any one item. You may start out with Ebay, find that your object may have significant value, and should then take it to an appraiser for a full and thorough item review.

In today's blog, we'll  show you some items that may appear to be trash, but deserve a second look as they may actually be treasure!

Mismatched Furniture

Mismatched and older furniture often gets a bad name at storage auctions. People assume that if an item is dinged up or is broken in anyway way it is trash. Similarly, people assume that mismatched furniture peieces should be dumped as well. But don't throw the baby out with the bath water. These odd or mismatched pieces can often be refurbished or repurposed for a good return on investment.You may not become an overnight success with these items, and they may take some additional TLC and man power hours, but eventually, you'll be a DIY master, and will be able to quickly clean up items and sell them. Don't forget that just because an item is older, doesn't mean it has no value. In some instances, the older the item, the better!


Old ticket or movie stubs, newspapers or clippings, or similar items from days gone by may not seem like much at first glance. In fact, you may think of them as strictly trash, but pay close attention to the small details. In this instance, whether or not you've got trash or treasure is all in the fine print. Sure, some of these items may make it to the dump, but other items have collector appeal. For example, not many people are collecting concert stubs from N*Sync, however anything dating back as early as the 1980's may have some collector appeal. It doesn't take much time to post an eBay ad to see if your items have interested buyers, so why not take the time to do it?  Movie tickets may also be worth some value for avid collectors. Imagine stumbling across old stubs from the original Star Wars release or Godfather releases! Newspapers may also have some value, if they contain stories of historical significance or importance such as Presidential wins, world wide entertainment stories, or other notable historic events.


Old manuals have some surprising value, especially if they are for luxury items such as cars. Again, it really all depends on finding the right buyer. People often chuck out their manuals for everyday household appliances without thinking about it. So even if you find manuals for these type of items, somebody may be willing to pay a few dollars to figure out how to use that bread maker they got for Christmas and then forgot about or how to figure out or all the settings on their fancy television that they programmed when they bought and then junked the paperwork.Keep this in mind and do some searching on eBay to see whether anybody will take the bait on your manuals. Don't hold on to them forever though, instead, set a time limit and then dump them if nobody shows interest after this set period.

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