Trivia [kindasorta] Tuesday [not really]

What's Next?This week, for Trivia Tuesday, we at Storage Unit Auction List have decided to spoon feed you the answers. We know you have a lot going on out there, so we’ll just jump right in here:

What is Storage Unit Auction List doing for you? To say that we are not going anywhere would be an understatement. We are opening up a new Auctioneer Partnership program to throw a bone to the other side of the bidding floor. Here's some more of what you can expect as the future unfolds:


• Updated Facility Listings (over 13,000 currently being added)

• New, Easy-to-Navigate Website Format

• Diversified Auction List

• Estate, Government, Auto/Boat Auctions, and more!

• Auctioneer Marketing Packages

• Specialized/Highlighted Listings

• Exclusive Area Marketing for Auctioneer Services


Now, with this expansion of services and listings, there will be some changes to the format of While you probably like change about as much as I do, these new adjustments to the website layout will ultimately make it easier for you to navigate through all the new types of auctions that we plan on providing for your business or pleasure.

Now, if you haven’t yet had a chance to get your mugs on one of our….er….mugs, here’s a little impromptu competition for y’all:

Courtesy of a FB friend of mine, let’s hear your best, “you’re texting the wrong number” exchange. This comp is definitely more on the subjective side, but I will do my best to be impartial on my ruling. if you have the convo saved on your phone, even better, send us the image capture; otherwise, recreating the event will have to do.

Can’t wait to hear what ya got for us. Keep checking in for all our updated services and listings! Take care, y’all.

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