Turning Trash Into Treasure

Those that go to Storage Unit Auctions, understand that more than half of the stuff they win at an auction is trash. But, many also understand that the trash can turn into treasure with a bit of creative thinking and some work. These people are very fortunate because there is an enormous push towards recycling and a large market of buyers for these items. We throw away approximately 90,000 pounds of trash per person per lifetime in the United States. Most of that trash goes to the landfill. When you recycle, new items can be made of the old materials. In order to increase your impact on the mission of recycling, we have made a list of a few options that you have that are easy to implement and are truly creative endeavors. Giving a second life to the things that you buy and turning your trash into treasure is quite simply fun!

Sell it! Selling your items benefit everyone! Garage sales, junk stores, consignment shops, ebay, swip swap and on and on are all places that you can sell your items and make cash! Your buying audience is everywhere these days! Just make sure that the place you are selling it is the right audience. Some places will only sell clothing and others are for getting rid of kids items and there are those that you can sell anything at all! Make sure you include photos and a good description.

Remake, Redo, Revise. Sometimes items you have can have more use if you make it into something else. A CD shelf system can be made into a wine rack. Discarded clothing can be ripped up and made into purses or quilts. Old t-shirts can be cut into dish rags. Plastic food tubs and cans can find new life as organizers or planters. A worn piece of furniture can get a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Look at everything you own in a new light before you throw it in the trash.

Donate or Give it away! If you have outgrown, stopped using, never opened the package in the first place, then give it to someone who can make better use of it. Donating goods is not new and well know places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill actually have more stuff than they can get rid of. But there are many other alternatives. Thrift stores for local groups like the humane society or a homeless shelter will take in your items. They may use them in the process of their organization or they may have a thrift shop they use as a fundraiser. Art supplies, yarn, fabric and paper are always needed at schools and daycare centers. Magazines, books and paperback can be given to nursing homes.

Move your stuff around! Moving living room pillows to the bedroom or porch decor moving to the living room can make things feel as if they are brand new. You won’t have to get rid of anything if you just move it around and think of it in a new light. Storing things away also offers that feeling that things are brand new when you bring them back out. Think of Christmas decorations and how you feel when they come out all “brand new” once a year! If you have a set of something, breaking it up into individual pieces and setting them about by themselves creates an “ah ha” moment! Seasonal changes of trinkets and accessories helps with making things “like new”.

“Everything old is new again” should be the inspiration when you are thinking of throwing things out. Look at the things that you own with a fresh perspective and use your imagination to figure out when it’s really time for something to go into the trash or when it is time to make something new out of it and give it a second chance at life. Sell it, donate it, fix it up or make it into something new...that is the question!

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