Turning Would Be Donations Into Spooktacular Halloween Costumes

Who doesn't love Halloween?

This time of year, most of us are gearing up for Halloween. If we haven't already decided what to be, we're busy surfing Pinterest for clever ideas. Some of us have spent months working on our outfit ideas and painstakingly sewing them by hand. Often, the winning costume at any Halloween Party event are those that are the most unique and inventive.

As a storage auction hunter, you're in luck, this time of year is your time to shine. You are regularly purchasing storage units at auction, and getting to uncover tons of hidden treasure. What you don't sell and don't trash, you either have to donate or find a use for in your life.

Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of all the storage auction finds that you have sitting around in storage as you try to decide what to do with it. From clothing and accessories to houshold objects such as laundry hampers and cardboard-there is almost nothing that can't be used to create a memorable costume that your friends will be talking about for the entire year. We've included costumes that work best with your friends, because that is half the fun.

Imitation Is The Best Form of Flattery!

What makes a Halloween costume great? The answer is that everybody knows exactly who you are from the get go. The best costumes telegraph from across a crowded room and only get better as you get a closer look, taking glee in all the small details and the work and effort that went into the outfit.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, and in many instances, the best Halloween costumes come from fans. Whether it's a character from a book, movie, television show, or pop culture icon - the possibilities are endless.

Below are three of our favorite costume ideas that you can easily make using items won at storage auctions. These costumes blend the best of storage auctions, pop culture, and your creativity and imagination!


facebook profile costume

But where's the fun in that you might ask? What would the point be? Well, that's understandable, and here's the twist. Take posterboard and create a "social media" page for yourself, such as Facebook. Tweak the information to be entertaining and amusing, and make it large enough that somebody can read it standing close to you without popping your personal space bubble. Once you've created a clever "profile" for yourself, cut a hole out. You could choose to make it profile sized, or if you want to wear something fun, you could make the profile as long and wide as necessary to show off your outfit. Primp to the nines or wear the goofiest thing you can find! People will come up to you all night to read "About You" and soon, life will be imitating your art-your social media costume will be the talk of all your friends online as pictures make their way onto Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Storage auctions are a great place to find new clothings that you can wear in your "Profile photo."

There are tons of variants on this costume. Wear your profile on your clothing, create a Youtube page, and the video would then be the cutout, include space on your costume for people to "Post" or write on your wall, and keep the costume forever!

Where's Waldo?

waldo costume

A childhood classic, Waldo has been stumping kids for many years. Personally, I've decided that him and Carmen San Diego are somewhere on a beach having a good laugh at all of us Gen Y kids who spent our formative years scratching our heads. But now, we can all be in on the fun as well.

The costume is simple: a red and white tshirt and tobogan, a pair of bluejeans, a brown pair of boots and a pair of rounded glasses.. Even if you only have a white or red t-shirt, you can create the look. Add duct tape stripes or paint to achieve the same look. You can also add changes to the look, such as subbing jeans for shorts and skirts and kneesocks. You can also add extra elements to the costume, such as Waldo's backpack, walking stick and other assorted odds and ends that lend to the overal Waldo-esque feel of the outfit.

Go to your Halloween party with friends as a pack of Waldo's and let the mayhem begin!

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is one of the largest and best known brands in the country. Who doesn't love a frappachino?

Use laundry bags for the "body" and white cloth for the foam. Don't forget to make the hat with green paper rolled up as straws. You can make the logo by drawing it yourself on paper.

For some added fun, you can label yourself with a sharpie, denoting your limited edition holiday flavor, such as Pumpkin Spice!

You can change up the materials as much as necessary, creating your body out of cardbord or mesh, include a lid, use strofoam.

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