Upcycle Art with Clutter

Upcycle Art can be made with anything from around the house.

And as a long time Artist, I have been able to use my talents in a variety of mediums.  I have written stage plays and magazine articles.  I have created clothing and home décor. I have painted pictures for the walls, stage sets for theatre and furniture just to be funky.  Using my imagination and seeing things in a new way, are essential requirements in the field of art.

As I was wandering through my newly appointed house with the New Hardwood floors, ideas for pillows and paintings and sculptures just started bursting forth with Upcycle Art ideas!!! I got on my computer and Googled “upcycled art”.  Oh My!!!! I am NOT alone in my endeavors to see the world and things differently!!!

Here are a few of my pieces and decorating flair!!

All from upcycled materials!!!

The paper flowers and paper lanterns are made from old menus.



The plastic window boas are made from plastic grocery bags!



The Star and Princess are made from toilet paper roles!



The wooden fish is from old menus and recycled fence pieces.


And the “Home Sweet Home and “Love is all there is” Collages are made from a little bit of everything!!!!



And my Studio Chandelier.


Because Storageunitauctionlist.com deals with used stuff and how to use/reuse/upcycle/sell/paint/create and recreate from “junk” or "clutter," I thought I would offer some more ideas from the internet.

This is a walk-through cloud made from ONE HOUR’s worth of trash in New York City!  Here is the article.

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

Upcycling is the KEY operative word!!!!

This is another piece made from soda bottles!!  Instructions and website can be found here.


And this is truly a favorite!!! As a teacher of the arts, I tend to save EVERYTHING and never have any garbage at all!!!! This idea is going to be implemented very, very soon!!

This site is a wonderful upcycle idea for an old window, door and stairway banister! It also has lots of very feminine ideas for the use of old things combined to make something brand new and exciting!!


And then one more for the Really, Really, Really Creative and user of powerful glue! I am sooooo glad I have been collecting miss-matched teacups, saucers and pots at all the garage sales!!!! I am definitely making one of these for under my patio umbrella!!


Until Next Time

Keep on Junkin’





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