Upcycle Ideas for the Overcrowded Home Part I

upcycle-home Home Sweet Home

I am no expert on getting rid of stuff!!! I think “getting rid of stuff” is ONE of the reasons we rent storage units.  We move our least used items out of our homes and into a small garage type facility that we rent so that we can essentially “think” about getting rid of this stuff eventually!!


We are just NOT ready to get rid of it NOW!!

I have lived at my current address for seven years.  Even though I am in that classification of home dweller that seems to irk some people – A Renter – this place is really HOME to me.

Four and a half years ago, I found myself at a very icky and strange crossroads. My 57-year-old husband passed suddenly and I was left with Enormous decisions on what to do next.  Being a firm believer in listening to your inner voices, I decided to “stay put”.

But, as I moved and lived my way through the treacherous grieving process, I knew I needed to make a change – a change to get living again.  At first, I thought I would move to Mongolia and become a Tibetan monk.  Right!  Then I thought I would move closer to my children, but their lives were on the move and that just didn’t make sense.

Finally, one day, I was going on about this dilemma to the spray wash guy, and he had a great solution!!!  He was a widower and completely understood the process.

He suggested that I UPCYCLE!!! Upcycle the whole house!! Upcycle each room!!! Upcycle the furniture!!! Upcycle my Life!!! So with him as my cheering squad, I got busy Upcycling!!!!

For the last couple of years, I have been hinting to my landlord that I would really like tile or wood floors in all the rooms except the bedrooms.  And (Oh! My! Gosh!) He agreed!

So for the last two weeks, workers have been here putting in these most fabulous new floors. The bad part of this renovation process, is that I still live in the house! Therefore, I must move everything out of one room and stuff it into another.  Then the workers come in and lay the floor and I move all the stuff back into the original room along with the stuff from another room and so on and so forth until all of the rooms are finished.upcycle-ideas-home


The first couple of days were exciting and full of decorating plans.  But, then reality set in and I had to deal with the dust and dirt and the objects that hadn’t been touched in 7 years and wondering where they came from and asking why I still even had them.  And, well, the house has been in a state of chaos and a total MESS!!!

upcycle-home #32 pile of rugs #32 piles of books in kitchen

So, I have decided that now is the perfect time to UPCYCLE!!!  I have been going through “things” and deciding what to keep and what to throw away and what to store.  Not an easy process!!!

Then I am going to UPCYCLE a couple of these rooms!!!

I am making the Living Room into a Library.

I am making the Dining Room into a Studio/Work Room.

I am making the Computer Room into a….Computer Room!!!

So, with suggestions from the spray wash guy, decorating magazines galore and http://www.houzz.com/, I made my plans…..


I have moved shelves.

I have moved chairs.

I have moved tables.

I have bought shelves.

I have bought rugs.

I have bought carts.

And I now await the last of the floors to be put down and secured so that I can start UPCYCLING!!!!

Living Room into a Library FIRST

Or maybe….

Dining Room into Studio/Work Room FIRST

So much to do!!!


I’ll Post Pictures soon with all the Progress!!!

Until Next Time,

Keep on Junkin’


 Amy's Heart

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